CD Projekt Red confirms a Traitor 2077 sequel and several new The Witcher games are in development

Red Project CD

CD Projekt Red earlier announced the development roadmap for the next multiple games in its latest strategy report. First up is the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, titled “Orion,” which will be run by CDPR’s Boston and Vancouver studios. It is said to “expand the boundaries of the Electric Rider series” and “explore the potential of this dark future universe”.

The next few new titles are related to The Witcher. Among them, “Polaris” is the development code of the first work in the new trilogy of “The Witcher”. It is currently in the early development stage, and should be a new work that will be based on Unreal Engine 5. According to the official plan, the time span of the new trilogy is about six years, and “Polaris” will set the technical basis for the other two. At the same time, “Canis Majoris” is an orthodox game work of “The Witcher” located outside the new trilogy. It will be produced by an external studio that includes former developers of “The Witcher” and will also use the UE5 engine. And “Sirius”, developed by the Molasses Flood studio in Boston and supported by CDPR, will be different from the previous “Witcher” games. It will add multiplayer elements to the single-player game that includes a plot and trips.

The final “Hadar” will become CDPR’s third IP, also its first “completely independently created” IP. It is now in the early creative stages of shaping the worldview, and development of the game has not yet begun. However, considering the various turmoil caused by the lack of completion in the early stage of the launch of “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077”, it is still a question mark whether CDPR can successfully promote the development according to the roadmap. ..

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