Chaiyaphum, the crisis sank the whole city! Road, Yan Sor Kor, Government Center The hospital was flooded more than 1 meter, the community suffered 30,000 families.

Chaiyaphum- Chaiyaphum City Crisis! A mass of water inundated the city centre, government centres, economic areas, hospitals, and floods over 1 meter on all roads, requiring a boat to travel instead of a car. And while transporting patients in and out of the Pathway Hospital, the car was damaged by flooding. Revealing that the municipality is sunk in 25 communities, the people are suffering from more than 30,000 families. Escape from the water on the second floor of the house and evacuate to the shelter. A repeat of the great flood of ’64 The province has declared a flood disaster in 7 areas.

Today (October 2) reporters reported a flood situation in Chaiyaphum province. After Typhoon Noru moved across Chaiyaphum Province, this was the final center of the storm. Until becoming a pressure cell on 29 September 65, Chaiyaphum province continued to rain heavily on the Phu Laenkha Mountains. and the border of Phu Khiao Mountain Range in Nong Bua Daeng District, the source of Chi River and many other areas until the flood situation from Phu Laen Kha Mountain Range And Lam Pa Thao Dam is overflowing flowing down Lam Pa Thao through Huai Sawe . and the overflowing of the Huai Yang Ba reservoir flooded the city Mueang Chai Municipality which is the center of the economic district government in the center of Chaiyaphum All roads in the city have high floods and widespread damage to people’s houses in various communities. Continues to the 6th day

Most recently, this morning (October 2) we were still getting masses of water from all directions. the wild water from Phu Laenkha Huai Yang Ba Mountains Reservoir, Lam Pra Thao dam water, upper and lower parts of Kaeng Khro area, flood the dam ridge flowing down Lam Pra Thao. and the Chi River overflowing the high bank combined into a large mass of water. Flowing into the city, the economic zone in the middle of Chaiyaphum Continues through the night until now

Including still getting rain in the evening until close to dawn again today. This has led to an increase in the amount of flood water and wider coverage throughout Chaiyaphum municipality, including 25 communities, government centers, provincial halls, police stations, provincial courts, provincial prosecutors, land and civil servants’ residences. and all roads in Chaiyaphum city including the road around the Chao Pho Phaya Lae Memorial The first lord who founded the city of Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum City Center The flood level was higher than 1 meter and had to use a boat to travel instead.

Especially the point in front of Chaiyaphum Hospital (Chaiyaphum Hospital) still has a flood level of more than 1 meter. In front of the hospital, it is necessary to use a boat to transfer patients to and from the hospital, which is difficult and is difficult at the moment. Including a car parked in the flood, much of the area was damaged.

More than 30,000 families have been seriously affected by houses, shops, and economic areas. This is the second flood event, with the flood level higher than 1-2 meters, which means that the ground floor of houses is not many people can live. One must escape to the second floor, while those with single-story houses must be moved to a temporary shelter to help flood victims provided by Chaiyaphum Municipality.

And villagers are still waiting for help. A large number of people were cut in and out of the community. Chaiyaphum Municipality had to set up a kitchen. Bring a box of rice to distribute to the villagers to eat. Drink clean water to drink 3 times a day continuously.

Recently, the water mass is still flooding the high city of Chaiyaphum, increasing continuously in many places. This is considered to be the worst flood that repeats the worst flood in Chaiyaphum in more than 50 years in 2021.

while in Chaiyaphum Declared disaster areas affected by emergency flooding, adding 5 more areas, a total of 7 areas, which include District Square, Bamnet Narong District, Ban Khwao District, Noen Sa-nga District. Amphoe Mueang Chaiyaphum and Amphoe Khon Sawan of the whole province, there are 16 districts.

Chaiyaphum Governor, Sophon Suwannarat (left) went to the area to walk through the water to monitor the flood situation in Chaiyaphum municipality today (October 2).

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