Chen Shan Cong Tai Qing Ye Hate Best Clothes

Photo from Sing Tao Daily

[Adroddiad Dyddiol Canu Tao]Chen Shancong, Jiang Jiamin, He Yiting and Fang Lishen participated in the TVB live broadcast program “Don’t Play, You Don’t Know How to Get a Prize” the night before Taiwan’s celebration, so celebrate Early, rushed home last night to say happy birthday, son is very worried because he likes to blow out candles, the most important thing is that his wife is happy, send her a kiss, she doesn’t need to say anything. Asked if there will be a prize for the woman? He said he hopes to give away the “Best Dressed Award” and even canvass votes on the spot.

Jiang Jiamin said with a smile that he only wants to win “my sister” Chen Ying, and he hopes to have a chance to win a bonus. Since he has not won a bonus in Taiqing for many years, he hopes to win less this year He night Taiqing must wear close-fitting night clothes to perform magic tricks, and he didn’t even dare to make an appointment for a birthday dinner, only eating with sisters Zhu Qianxue, Tang Luowen and Cen Xingxian. The sister group is called “Happy Princess”.Text: Li Wenwei Photo: Zhu Weiyan

■(From left) Chen Shancong, Fang Lishen, Jiang Jiamin, He Yiting and Huang Tingfeng participated in the game show.


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