Chen Wei went to Tongxiang City to order and send the epidemic prevention and control work: fast, strict and fast

Chen Wei went to Tongxiang City to order and send the epidemic prevention and control work: fast, strict and fast

Publication date: 2022-10-02 09:02

Information source: Jiaxing Daily


The epidemic is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Last night, Chen Wei, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to the Tongxiang City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters to analyze and judge the current epidemic situation, and direct and dispatch related disposal work. He emphasized that it is necessary to fully recognize the seriousness and complexity of the sudden cases, attach great importance to it in thought, and quickly implement it in practice, firmly grasp the “seven major mechanisms” and “five rapid cycles”, do quickly control with speed, and be strict and strict. , make a quick decision, strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic, and race against time to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control. Qi Li, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, attended the meeting.

After listening to the relevant situation report, Chen Wei said that Tongxiang City’s actions were strong, the formation was fast, and the mental state of cadres at all levels was good, which was worthy of recognition. He drew attention to the fact that the recent cases of the epidemic in many places in our city reflect the great uncertainty in the spread of the virus, and we must attach great importance to it and increase our vigilance to prevent paralysis of minds and worms.

Chen Wei emphasized that flow regulation tracking should be faster and more efficient, increase flow regulation personnel, expand the research and opinion team, and use powerful force to realize rapid locking, rapid isolation, rapid sampling, and rapid results of close contact and sub-close contact personnel, to ensure that the chain is clear and the view is clear, and personnel are fully covered, no gaps. Nucleic acid testing should be more standardized and organized, further expand the scope, encrypt the frequency, and speed up the operation, and perform the “sweep and knock on the door” action to ensure that no one is missed or to leave behind , , submit, inspect, and report” all the links are connected seamlessly, and the results can be obtained as quickly as possible. Every minute counts in isolating transshipment, strengthening overall planning, optimizing grouping, and ensuring rapid separation and separation of close contact, sub-close contact and key personnel. The management and control of key areas, key personnel and the society should be comprehensively strengthened, measures such as regional closure and hard control and control at home should be implemented rigidly, and normalization requirements such as scanning code scanning should be strictly implemented, and people should be prevent strictly from collecting, firmly in place. We need to do a good job of “connecting the three emotions”, releasing authoritative information in a timely manner, responding to social concerns, giving full play to the strength of grid management and grassroots governance, leading the masses to actively participate and collaborate full, and build an iron wall for epidemic prevention and control.

Chen Wei emphasized that Tongxiang City must quickly enter a wartime state, compress the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, implement various work tasks in detail, improve closed-loop mechanisms such as command and dispatch, and allocate feedback, and effectively outperform the spread of the system. the epidemic with excellent command and control capabilities, force. It is necessary to further improve the integrated and level command system of cities and counties, strengthen the coordination and connections of cities and counties, improve the overall planning and dispatching ability, and quickly form a strong joint force for epidemic prevention and control in the area. city.

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