Chesaning schools to improve communications efficiency

CHESANING – During its meeting on Monday, September 14, the Chesaning Union Schools Board of Education approved the transition to a new digital communication solution that will allow school staff to communicate with students, parents and staff more efficiently on a variety of platforms.

Technology director Brett Russell discussed the benefits of switching to Apptegy.

He explained that Apptegy would replace the school district’s website and messaging systems and provide a mobile app that parents and educators could access. It would also allow the district to send alerts in a variety of ways, such as text, email, telephone and social media.

Russell explained that people have different preferences about how they want to receive information. Typically, teachers should send messages via text, email, Facebook, or post them on a website. This would require opening three or more programs to send a message to everyone in order to welcome parents, students, staff, and so on.

“The advantage of Apptegy is that we may now be able to publish across multiple platforms, all in one place,” Russell said. He gave the example of athletic director Jason Hemgesberg sending the message to parents, parents, staff and students, the way they would like to receive it.

Russell explained that the use of desktop computers is decreasing. It showed what the customized website might look like on mobile phones. It’s very easy to use, he said.

Superintendent Mike McGough explained that although the service is more expensive than the web hosting service currently used by the school district, it is also more efficient and gives people what they need these days, effectively and efficiently.

Julie Keck, member of the school board, said: “This is a turning point. Ovid-Elsie (where he teaches) has been using it for some time. It is very easy to use. I appreciate all the research you’ve done on this, Brett (Russell). “

School council secretary Becky Butcher asked about the cost of the school’s website and the expiration of the contract.

School district finance director Paula Peterson replied, “We don’t have a contract, but we paid an annual fee. That’s $ 1,900 per year. “

Russell said: “It will take some time to get it working.”

School Board Treasurer Scott Kohagen commented: “So, we are paid until June 2021”.

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