China strengthens Great Firewall with new measures to prevent netizens from climbing the wall – Hong Kong

The Great Firewall Report, an organization that has been observing China’s censorship for a long time, recently published a report that the Chinese government has recently upgraded the “Great Firewall”, Since October 3, more than 100 users have reported that uses anti. -Servers “Great Firewall”. Blocked, these servers usually use TLS technology, and Trojan, Xray, V2Ray TLS+Websocket, VLESS and gRPC protocols are blocked.

A Trojan is a tool that uses TLS encryption to bypass the Great Firewall, while Xray, V2Ray, and VLESS are VPN-like Internet tunneling and privacy tools. The analysis of the Great Firewall Report indicates that the Chinese government has blocked the ports of these anti-“Great Firewall” servers. If users change the port and continue to use the server, the entire IP address will be be completely blocked.

The tool not yet affected is Naiveproxy, but the reason for escaping the blocking is unknown. The report mentioned that the domain name using the above anti-“Great Firewall” tool will not be added to the “Great Firewall” DNS or blacklist, and the blocking appears to be an automated operation. Analysis indicates that China’s strengthening of the “Great Firewall” during this period is believed to be related to the holding of the 20th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China on the 16th of this month, and tools to strengthen the block.

Source of information and photos: theregister Mewe page:

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