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Original title: Chinese Super League Prospects: Three Towns Taishan recreate PK Zheng Zhi or host Guangzhou team’s “first show”

Between October 4 and 5, Beijing time, the 21st round of the 2022 Chinese Super League is about to start. There are still many games in this round of competition. Among them, the leaders Wuhan Sanzhen and Shandong Taishan are both facing the dark horse Zhejiang Whether the team and the Meizhou team and the Guangzhou team fighting coach Zheng Zhizhi will appear is also a point of interest, and a will the strong dialogue between Haigang and Guoan Wu Lei continue to break out?

#Let’s take a look at the 21st round of the 2022 Chinese Premier League#

Hebei Team VS Cangzhou Lions

This round of Hebei Derby can present a one-sided situation. The home team, Hebei, lost 1-2 to the direct relegation rival Dalian in the 16th round of makeup, and currently the ranks last with only 3 point. the strength of the team Problem, relegation is basically hopeless. And recently their opponent Cangzhou Lions played a triumphant song, not only beat the three cities Wuhan upset, but also beat the Yangtze River Wuhan with 4 goals. Currently ranked 14th, basically out of the relegation zone , the team has many new foreign players with exceptional strength, I am afraid that this game will be another big victory.

Dalian VS Tianjin Jinmen Tigers

The match between the native Dalian and the Jinmen Tigers has also attracted a lot of attention in this round and the latter leads the former by 4 points and is ranked 11th and 12th. Therefore, this match is very important for the team’s final points position. The Dalian native was defeated by Shenhua 1-2 in the last round. The team made many mistakes in defense as well. The coach Xie Hui was also dissatisfied with the performance of the players. Therefore, this game is sure to go all out to score three points. The Jinmen Tigers have had a month and a half break. The team must have an advantage in terms of physical fitness, but the state of the game may not be able to continue. After all, they only defeated the top team them 1-0 half a month ago. Team Henan.

Guangzhou City VS Shenzhen team

After a two-game winning streak after a coaching change, Guangzhou City were defeated by the stronger Haigang in the make-up game 10 days ago. Currently, they are still second to last with 9 points, and the very unfavorable degradation situation. The position of the Shenzhen team is not much better. They have lost to Taishan and Yatai in the last two games in a row. They are currently in 13th place with 19 points. If the situation of consecutive losses does not change, it cannot be ruled out that the Shenzhen team will be under the pressure of relegation. Sudden progress, and if Guangzhou City cannot win the Shenzhen Football Club at home, it is likely to be opened by the Yangtze River Wuhan in 15th place.

Shanghai Shenhua VS Henan Songshan Longmen

Shenhua’s last match was a classic, with Zhu Jianrong helping the team to reverse with 2 goals in 3 minutes of stoppage time and the legends of the Dalian natives, and also third in the standings.

Under the training, many Shenhua veterans have renewed their second spring this season and can be among the top three. These veterans have contributed a lot. Since the Henan team lost to Sanzhen and missed the championship, their performance has been unsatisfactory. In the last round, they were tied 0-0 by the Chengdu team, but the good news is that Adrian and Kalanga are about to return, and they are likely to play in this match. In the Shenhua team match, if the Henan team wins Shenhua away from home, it is possible to return to the top four.

Zhejiang team VS Wuhan three cities

The Zhejiang team drew 0-0 in the final round of the newly promoted Meizhou Hakka, but the team has achieved 10 unbeaten results, and has also reached the top 8 in the rankings The support strength is not bad, and it will be difficult for Sanzhen to return to the winning track in this round. The unbeaten record of the three towns was ended by Cangzhou in the last round, which made Taishan see the hope of defending the title again. The biggest reason for the loss of the three towns is the injury problem. The team’s foreign support cannot but rely on Davidson to support him, but the good news is Yes, Malkang, Liu Yiming and other injured people have appeared on the training ground one after another. This game is likely to come back. , I’m afraid the gap between them and Taishan will continue to narrow.

Changchun Yatai VS Guangzhou Team

Yatai won the Shenzhen team 1-0 in the last round, and international player Tan Long left the field due to injury. I don’t know if it will affect the appearance of this game. In the standings, Yatai is also considered unconcerned to avoid relegation, a position in the middle, so the desire of the Yatai team to play is likely to affect the outcome of this game. The Guangzhou team had a long break before Their last game was on September 13, and they lost 0-1 to the same city rival Guangzhou City. The team currently has 11 points, 6 points behind the 15th place Wuhan Yangtze River. Degradation pressure is very high, but this game can guide Zheng Zhi first. In a previous interview, Zheng Zhi specifically said that if there is an opportunity, he and Huang Bowen will play. I don’t know if Zheng Zhi will make Dod the biggest trigger for the team to reverse the relegation.

Meizhou Hakka VS Shandong Taishan

In this round, Shandong Taishan, like the three towns in Wuhan, will face off against one of the big dark horses this season. The Meizhou team is in sixth place with 30 points. Although they were beaten by Shenhua in the last round, they have always The foreign support is neat and strong, and the Taishan team will definitely be a test in this game. Taishan defeated Shenzhen 4-0 in the last match. Cressang and Moises played well, but Taishan also had its own problems. Liao Lisheng was seriously injured and Sun Zhunhao was still alone, If the Taishan team cannot take 3 points away from the away game, I am afraid that the three towns will open the point difference again.

Shanghai Port VS Beijing Guoan

The match between Haigang and Guoan will be the focus of the fans at any time. Haigang has been gaining momentum recently and has returned to the top 4 in the standings. The new support Vargas is getting better and better, and Wu Lei also scored in the Am for the second time, Lecco seemed to have happy troubles in selecting personnel in the front court, and Guoan’s weak defense line could not stop the Haigang team’s attack with high probability. Yulin Army drew 2-2 against the natives Dalian in the last round. The good news is that Adebenluo is back from injury, but his condition is very bad. He should still be on the bench in this game. It can only depend on Zhang Yuning for the attack The defense line led by Guangtai limited Zhang Yuning, and I am afraid that Guoan will not do anything in this game.

Yangtze River Wuhan VS Chengdu Rongcheng

Although Wuhan Changjiang is ranked 4th from the bottom, it leads the Guangzhou team by 6 points in points. If they do not make serious mistakes next, it will be difficult for the Guangzhou team to recover the 6 point difference, however, the team have been in a very bad shape recently and have already come across After 6 rounds without a win and a 4 game losing streak, in the last round, they were defeated 4-1 by Cangzhou, who was also a relegated team. The Chengdu team is currently ranked 8th and has no worries about relegation, however, in the last round of the team’s overseas support center Felipe was injured and left the field, which could affect this game, and it was not Saldanha’s other new help still integrates in. Therefore, it will be difficult to win the Yangtze River Wuhan away. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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