Chinese Vase Artifact, Mistaken for Artifact; Chinese vase worth one and a half lakhs sold for crores of rupees – mistaken for rare artifact Chinese vase sold for 9 million dollars

Anyone can have tamarind. But this is the right mistake. A case where a Chinese ship was mistaken for a rare artifact and sold for crores of rupees is now in the news. The depth of Amali will be understood when you know how much the pot was sold for which cost only 1900 dollars. The horrific mistake happened on Saturday at an auction in Osenat, Fontainebleau, near Paris.

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A Chinese Tianquping-like ship was mistaken for an antique, which led to the sale of a ship worth one and a half lakh rupees for crores of rupees. The pot was sold for four thousand times its current value. The company was commissioned to auction the ship by the family in Brittany, in north west France.

The family’s intention was to auction off the deceased grandmother’s vases. But the family did not expect the auction to turn out to be a ‘lottery’ in reality. The family’s fortunes changed when the bidders began to raise the price. The bidders thought the Chinese vase was antique.

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The pot, which cost only $1,900, sold for $9 million. In any case, it can be said that the life of the family, which was forced to auction the pot, was changed by the grandmother’s pot. The auctioneer’s president, Jean-Pierre Ousenat, told CNN TV on Tuesday that the family that put the vase up for auction could not have expected such a lottery win.


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