Chivasom, 2022 Spa and Lodging Award Winner, Ready to Release in Qatar

On October 4, Mr. Krip Rojanasathien, president and executive chairman of Chivasom International Health Resort Co., Ltd., a health resort businessman, said he traveled to receive the FightingFit award. From the Tatler Spa Awards 2022 announcement at the Cafe Royal Hotel in London, England on September 28th. by such work It is organized annually to identify winners of spa and wellness services from around the world in different categories.

I am honored to be chosen by the Tatler Spa Awards as the winner of the Fighting Fit award, especially in the last few years of challenging times, having adapted and served to meet customer demand and in line with changing health tourism trends This award is a sign of the dedication of every team at Chivasom. which strives to provide sustainable healthcare and continuous innovation we hope it will help inspire new and old customers who are interested in and care about their health.

Krip on the occasion of receiving the award Since opening in 1995, Chiva Som has built up a good reputation. and is recognized by tourists and guests as one of the world’s leading healthcare inspirations. By combining Thai culture with holistic health care knowledge Chivasom’s main service method is to cooperate with guests to provide services suitable for each person’s basic needs and health, including 15 items, such as weight management. detoxification Adjust the balance of the abdomen and increase immunity, etc., all types based on holistic health. To achieve goals such as nutrition, fitness, spa, physical therapy, alternative medicine and beauty. with experts to provide close advice and services Chivasom’s intention is not just to take care of the guests’ health. but also transfer it to the community and the environment Chivasom has always been committed to developing and educating the community on health care and protecting the environment since opening the service, such as waste water treatment. Krailas Ecological Mangrove Forest Conservation Project scholarships for young people to protect the environment publishing a health inspection unit Establishing Chivasom Academy Training and creating careers for spa and beauty personnel and interested parties Currently it is also a member of the Global Compact of United Nations to help drive private businesses to achieve their goals. Sustainable Development Goals together by 2030

In addition, this year, Chivasom has expanded its expertise by introducing over two decades of expertise abroad with the opening of Chivasom’s Sulal Wellness Resort in Qatar. this resort Chiva Som’s principles of holistic healthcare are combined with local wisdom and culture. Traditional Arab and Muslim healthcare, or Traditional Arab and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), is applied to the service. It is the first choice in the world to offer such services. Including offering family healthcare or Family Wellness services which are open to family members of all ages as well.

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