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Now that Canary has updated to ChromeOS 108, it is reported here that the Chrome browser on ChromeOS has added an option called “Memory Saver” to the “Performance Settings” section. The option itself was reported from last month, but at first it was only possible to enable / disable it. But with recent updates, you can now select and activate just any website.

To try this memory saver, flash in ChromeOS 108 Canary #mode-high-effectiveness-available it must be enabled. It’s called memory saver, but the banners seem to call it “high efficiency mode”.

ChromeOS 108 Adds 'Performance Settings' Options to Chrome Browser

Once enabled, Chrome browser settings will have a section called “Performance” and will add Memory Saver as a setting item. By the way, another performance flag #battery-save-mode-available You can also use the function called battery saver by enabling .

ChromeOS 108 Adds 'Performance Settings' Options to Chrome Browser

When memory saver is enabled, it reclaims unused tab memory, hiding unused tabs and automatically reloading them when clicked. With recent updates, you can now add websites that are never empty (don’t use a memory saver and are always active).

Also, the battery saver feature, when enabled, limits visual effects such as background playback, smooth scrolling, and video frame rate to save battery power. It has two options: always on when on battery or only on when the battery is low.

We don’t know how many of these features will be available right now, but at least we can expect ChromeOS 108 to add features to improve Chromebook performance and battery usage.

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