Chungnam to nurture promising hydrogen companies in the province

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] Chungcheongnam-do has started to nurture promising hydrogen companies in the province.

South Chungcheong Province announced on the 4th that it would sign business agreements with 11 companies selected as the target of the ‘2022 preliminary hydrogen specialist company development project’ and provide full-scale support.

The preliminary company fostering project specializing in hydrogen is a project that maximizes performance and policy effectiveness based on the characteristics of the hydrogen industry and companies in the province.

A total of 11 companies were selected for this project, including 4 in Cheonan, 4 in Asan, 1 in Dangjin, and 2 in Yesan.

The detailed support includes △10 cases of prototype production support △7 cases of test evaluation, certification and patent support △10 cases of market development support △10 cases of workforce training support △5 cases of equipment deployment support.

This project is supported in three areas: production, storage and transportation, and use The production areas are △Ammonia electrolysis stack system module production △Alkaline water electrolysis binder electrode production binder dispersion △Water electrolysis membrane using polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) separator There are five tasks: manufacturing an electrode assembly (MEA), manufacturing a small alkaline water electrolysis reactor of the 5th generation, and manufacturing a membrane plate that produces hydrogen using titanium material.

The field of transportation is △certified patents such as hydrogen storage and transportation trailers, and one task is to develop a market, and the application areas are △forging a large capacity boss (BOSS) for pressure vessels for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles △ device manufacturing supply mixed gas industrial hydrogen combustor and controller △platinum -Production of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) using a nickel alloy catalyst △production of a 5kW hydrogen purifier prototype (PSA) for a fuel cell for buildings △production hydrolysis chamber using a hydrogen heat source All.

With this development project, the provincial government intends to focus its administrative power, such as discovering and promoting more specific support projects, and taking the lead in fostering hydrogen-specialist companies designated by the government.

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