Claude Joye surprised by the release of Mourad Boudjellal

The former president of the Racing Club of Toulon, Mourad Boudjellal wishes to return to the front of the stage thanks to sport. Appointed president of the Sporting Club of Toulon, the businessman at the same time positioned itself to take over Olympique de Marseille. A project which if it came to fruition would cause him to leave Toulon. As reported The team, Toulon’s majority shareholder, Claude Joye was surprised by the posture of his partner.

“We had agreed on June 19 and at that time, he told me that there was a suspensive condition which blocked him. So I was not surprised when I learned this Friday morning that he had another club, but I was very surprised that it was OM. And I was more than surprised that he announced it on Sporting premises. It’s like signing the sale of Saint-Etienne in the Lyon stadium … ” Surprised, Claude Joye is now waiting for Mourad Boudjellal. If he is understanding, he nevertheless hopes that the desire to buy OM by his partner in Toulon will not have a negative impact on the project he wishes to initiate: “I put myself in his place, it is difficult for him to extricate himself from the Marseille project. But it could be that we lost a lot of time and lived a lot of controversy for nothing. ”

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