Coin company colluding with investment scammers to manipulate cryptocurrency prices

Residential search and seizure, including representatives of 13 billion won arbitrage companies

digital currency (PG)

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Boram Oh = Police are investigating the situation where the so-called ‘investment leading room’ fraud group and coin issuers manipulated the price of the cryptocurrency market.

According to the police on the 7th, the financial crime investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency seized and searched the residences of three executives, including Mr.

They are accused of conspiring with an investment-leading fraud group between September and November last year to artificially manipulate the price of virtual currency, resulting in a profit of around 13 billion won.

At the end of last year, the police arrested a group of investors who had lured investors by saying, “We will guarantee high returns by manipulating the market price of virtual currency.”

They were investigated as advising investors to buy virtual currency by saying they knew when the price of virtual currency would rise through the coin issuer.

However, contrary to their cowardice theories, the value of virtual currency continued to fall, and in the end, most of the investors suffered huge losses.

After that, the police investigation began when the victims sued a group of investment leaders to the police on charges of fraud and breach of the Electronic Financial Transactions Act and the Capital Markets Act.

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