Cold Dew Weather on Hanro Morning temperature dropping… Around 10 degrees across the country

On Saturday, the 8th, which is the ‘Korean way’ that cold dew begins to form in the season, there will be many clouds across the country, and it will be mostly cloudy in Yeongdong, Gangwon, the east coast of North Gyeongsang Province, and Jeju Island.

It will rain occasionally from the morning until the end of the afternoon on Jeju Island.

Yeongdong, Gangwon, and the east coast of North Gyeongsang Province may also have rain drops.

The expected precipitation for Jeju Island is 5 to 10 mm in the eastern and mountainous areas and less than 5 mm in the northern, western and southern regions.

Raindrops of less than 0.1 mm will fall in Yeongdong, Gangwon and the east coast of North Gyeongsang Province.

The lowest temperature in the morning was 5 to 15 degrees, and the highest during the day was 17 to 22 degrees.

The morning temperature will be 2 to 5 degrees lower than the previous day, and most parts of the country will drop below 10 degrees.

Strong winds are expected here, so take special care of your health.

The fine dust concentration is expected to show a ‘good’ level in all regions as it spreads smoothly into the atmosphere.

Sea waves will rise 1.0-4.0 m off the East Sea, 0.5-3.0 m off the South Sea, and 0.5-2.0 m off the West Sea.

Deep sea wave heights (approximately 200 km from the coast) are expected to be between 1.0 and 4.0 m in the Eastern and Southern Seas and 0.5 to 3.0 m in the Western Sea.

Here is the regional weather forecast for the 8th. [오전, 오후](Minimum to maximum temperature)
▲ Seoul: [구름많음, 구름많음] (11∼21)
▲ Incheon: [구름많음, 맑음] (11∼20)
▲ Suwon: [구름많음, 맑음] (11∼20)
▲ Chuncheon: [맑음, 구름많음] (8∼20)
▲ Gangneung: [흐림, 구름많음] (11∼18)
▲ Cheongju: [맑음, 맑음] (10∼21)
▲ Daejeon: [맑음, 구름많음] (10∼22)
▲ Sejong: [맑음, 구름많음] (9∼21)
▲ Jeonju: [맑음, 구름많음] (10∼22)
▲ Gwangju: [구름많음, 흐림] (12∼22)
▲ Daegu: [맑음, 구름많음] (10∼21)
▲ Busan: [구름많음, 구름많음] (14∼22)
▲ Ulsan: [구름많음, 구름많음] (13∼20)
▲ Changwon: [맑음, 구름많음] (13∼22)
▲ Jeju: [흐리고 한때 비, 흐리고 한때 비] (16∼21)

※ This article was produced in collaboration with NCsoft’s artificial intelligence technology, Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP).

Based on the draft written by artificial intelligence and data from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the reporter completed the final article and went through desks.

The weather forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, the raw data of the article, is also available on the website ( ).

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