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With the great help of the Company of Heroes development community, “Company of Heroes 3” has received five major improvements

The critically acclaimed real-time strategy series Company of Heroes 3™ has been delayed until February 23, 2023. Company of Heroes 3 was originally scheduled to launch on November 17, but needed some additional time on Relic Entertainment, Inc to improve, balance, and generally refine the titles to ensure they meet player expectations and provide the most intense tactical experience of the series. .

Since the title was first released in July 2021, Relic has invited players to sign up for CoH-Development, a community platform for receiving feedback on all areas of the title. Players have submitted many valuable comments through it, and many related modifications have been implemented in the game. Today we will announce some of the features and improvements.

• Relic has made significant improvements to its new dynamic campaign map, such as updating its new supply system, installing more aggressive AI, and moving around the map faster with improvements to ports and airports.
• The studio has put more emphasis on a polished visual look and detail while fighting better coloring and refinement technology. Additionally, Relic made major changes to the overall lighting approach for Company of Heroes 3.
• Relic and improves real-time gameplay by changing camera positions and providing clearer minimap information. It also improved the HUD (Heads Up Display) design and the overall UI (User Interface) theme.
• Collaborated with multiplayer demos of players in the early beta phase of November 2021, which helped the developers make major improvements to battlegroups, skill trees, units, and summon abilities.
• Relic has revised and improved some of the voiceover lines to ensure they are realistic for some characters and their native accents used in the game.

Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager of Relic Entertainment said: “Working with the CoH-Dev community over the past few years has been an invaluable experience, and we are very grateful for the contributions players have made to Company of Heroes 3 to date , and We hope to deliver this The biggest and most immersive game the franchise has ever made, which means we need more time to fix bugs, balance and polish to ensure our players get great experience when the game goes to market.”

Players can pre-order the game and get amazing bonus items at launch. For more pre-orders and other information about Company of Heroes 3, visit www.companyoheroes.com.

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