Concluding the legend of Mr Chan Nuad Kew, “Charan Ngamdee”, he died suddenly.

On October 5, 2022, the Facebook page of movie stars once again reported shocking news in the entertainment industry. with the sudden departure of famous actors “Charan Ngamdee” or that fans know of the role Chan Nuad Fang Mr

who died suddenly last night due to hot flashes and died Even before noon today (October 5) he also posted on Facebook pictures and clips while he was working on the mechanics of the extension. #Baan Rachan Homestay in Kanchanaburi which is his own business with the message that

“Keep going. The happiness we can find. We have finished 5 rooms, after 6-7-8, we have left to collect work.”

“Charan Ngamdee” Actor from Thailand is Born May 2, 1973. famous for the episode Chan Nuad Fang Mr in the movie Bang Rachan At the end of 2000, the film was a huge success.

as well as having a sharp, dark face in a Thai style So he later took on similar roles in many films, including dramas and commercials.

“Charan Ngamdee” also joined the entertainment industry, the recruitment of Bang Rachan movie actors was seen from the daily paper and he contacted Avong Company until he was selected to play the role Chan Nuad Fang Mrfinally

before “Charan Ngamdee” successfully from the movie Bang Rachan Worked as a trainer for a fitness center at the Novotel Bangkok Hotel and has taken photos for magazines before.

Currently running a private business in Ban Rachan Homestay, Kanchanaburi Province and still accepting acting jobs. By using the free time from the queue for each show to continue to fill the room in his home. Until recently, last morning, he was connecting the latest room from about 10.30 by posting on Facebook, talking to fans as usual. before receiving that news he died

The latest work is Mor Luang on Channel 3 (not yet scheduled for broadcast) and the work about to be broadcast is the drama. Chatpayakhom gangster from the Coliseum Film Camp A program is broadcast on October 20 on Channel 7 colours.

source: movie star

Photo credit: Charan Ngamdee

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