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Seasonal change can easily cause nasal allergies, along with the prevalence of viruses, sometimes nasal congestion is indistinguishable from a cold at all? allergy? Or sinusitis? The doctor said that a preliminary judgment can be made from the duration of the symptoms, the color of the secretions, and even the location of pain; Chinese medicine suggests that tapping the gallbladder meridian or pressing the gallbladder meridian acuities can prevent nasopharyngeal cancer, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and more. It can dehumidify the body and do good health care.

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A simple way to differentiate between allergic rhinitis, colds and sinusitis

Chen Xinmei, a family doctor at Zhongshan Hospital, said that many upper respiratory diseases have similar symptoms and are difficult to distinguish, such as allergic rhinitis, colds and sinusitis. For allergic rhinitis, a simple judgment is that the symptoms will continue. It may be more severe today, and the symptoms will be there tomorrow, and the symptoms will continue. Colds are usually accompanied by symptoms such as fever and muscle aches, not just a runny nose. As for sinusitis, it is more special and annoying, because it usually follows allergies or a cold. Sometimes a cold is due to swelling of the nasal mucosa, and a lump of inflammatory substances is just stuffed inside. Allergic rhinitis will also encounter a similar situation, so if you have allergic rhinitis or a cold, but then your nasal discharge turns from clear to yellow or green, or if your cheeks are painful and hot, you should be careful about sinusitis.

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Cheek fever, toothache, headache with yellow-green snot, beware of sinusitis

Chen Xinmei once encountered a patient complaining of headache and sinusitis was later discovered by accident. He said that because the maxillary sinus is very close to the cheek, when the sinusitis is severe, the cheek can be warm to the touch. The patient felt that the temperature of the two cheeks was different, and one side was particularly of hot. Chen Xinmei tapped his cheek, and the patient felt that the temperature was different. The pain was unbearable, and as expected, an X-ray revealed a pile of pus in the sinuses. In addition, because the maxillary sinus is inflamed, it will cause the toothache down and headache up, so once there is a red, yellow or green nasal discharge and symptoms such as pain, it is necessary to suspect sinusitis.

Chinese medicine can clear the nasal congestion and beat the gallbladder meridian to be effective

For treating nasal congestion, Chinese medicine can tap the gallbladder meridian for smooth maintenance. Chen Chaozong, chairman of the All China Federation of Chinese Physicians, said that the gallbladder meridian points can drain and dehumidify, and can also prevent nasopharyngeal cancer, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis. Gallbladder meridian points start from outside the nose, go up, pass the temple, go behind the ears, then go to the side of the body, first to the back, then to the armpit, and then all the way down to Usually you can massage the gallbladder meridian acupoints more.

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Chen Chaozong emphasized that since there are many acupoints in the gallbladder meridian, I will not introduce it in detail. The front of the human body belongs to the Yangming meridian, the back belongs to the bladder meridian, and the side is the gallbladder meridian. You can massage directly with your fingers, or you can use auxiliary tools such as massage sticks and scraping sticks. He also demonstrated starting from the cheeks and putting pressure on the outside of the eyes, all the way to the temples, behind the ears, and on the neck. If the position of the scapula and shoulder cannot be pressed, you can press the door frame to stimulate the acupuncture points. For people with sciatica, they can do daily maintenance by tapping, using a mallet, or not asking someone to tap the gallbladder meridian.

▲ Doctor Chen Chaozong shows that massaging the Gallbladder Meridian helps the body to dehumidify and unblock the nasal cavity.

◎ Consulting expert / Dr. Chen Xinmei.Chen Chaozong TCM Doctor

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Congestion in colds, allergies, sinusitis? Doctors teach you to easily distinguish and press the gall bladder meridian points to unblock the nasal cavity

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