Congratulations NATO! Ukraine annex Russia “Wade through the enclave” closes the southern channel.

Congratulations NATO! Ukraine annex Russia “Wade through the enclave” closes the southern channel.

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Congratulations NATO! – AFP and Reuters reported on October 3 that the situation in Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky The Ukrainian President announces the recapture of the strategic city Liman in the Donetsk region of the Far East of the country after the Ukrainian army continued to attack until Russian forces retreated.

And it happened just 2 days after President Vladimir Putin A Russian leader announced that four separatist regions would be annexed to Russia on September 30.

Congratulations NATO!

A view shows a destroyed grain store in the liberated village of Kamianka, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in Kharkiv region, Ukraine October 2, 2022. REUTERS/Vladyslav Musiienko

On Jens Stoltenberg, Mr. Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said that the recapture of Liman shows the military potential of Ukraine. and the efficiency of higher equipment supplied by the West to Ukraine to help defend its sovereignty.

President Zelensky also said in a statement late Sunday that the Ukrainian army would not stop at Liman. because Young Crane was able to recapture the Arkansas settlement area. and Myroli Yubifka in the Kherson region. Serhee Sherewatyi Mr A spokesman for the Eastern Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the Ukrainian army had recaptured the village of Torsky in the Donetsk region, about 15 kilometers east of Liman.

Congratulations NATO!

Children play on top of destroyed Russian military vehicles and weapons outside St. Michael’s Cathedral, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine. The stunning blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin was delivered after he announced the annexation of four regions covering almost a fifth of Ukraine on Friday. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Colonel Victor Keflyuk of the Defense Strategic Center Ukrainian security think tank thanks the successful operation in Liman. This caused the Ukrainian military to continue aiming for a second target from north to south to prevent another Russian supply route.

If planned, Russian forces in Luhansk and Donetsk would be limited to reinforcement channels through the Rostov region. southwest of Russia only one route

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense said it was withdrawing its troops from Liman. because of the threat of a siege attack And he did not mention the progress situation in Liman later. But Russia destroyed seven Ukrainian artillery and missile depots in the cities of Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Mikolayev and Donetsk.

Congratulations NATO!

A Ukrainian service member removes a cannon from a captured Russian armored personnel carrier, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, near the town of Izium in Kharkiv region, Ukraine. Ukraine claimed full control of Russia’s eastern logistics hub, Lyman, its most significant battlefield gain in weeks, setting the stage for further advances aimed at cutting Moscow’s supply lines to its battered troops to a single route. REUTERS

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