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Cooperation with PKP is to save PKS buses

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At the Ministry of State Assets, headed by Jacek Sasin, the concept of saving state PKSs was created. The carriers would form a bus division within the PKP group – informs “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

Coronavirus has deepened the problems of bus operators significantly. Especially those who bring passengers to cities. One of them is PKS Częstochowa, which will stop driving from July 1 – we read in “DGP”.

As it was agreed, “according to the liquidator of the company, which has been in a worse situation for years and canceled subsequent courses, buses could continue to run if drivers agreed to new conditions – they would set up companies and rent vehicles from the company.”

“Their earnings would depend, among others on the number of tickets sold. Employees do not want to agree to this. The Częstochowa company is one of several PKSs that still belongs to the State Treasury and falls under the Ministry of State Assets. That is why local self-government officials asked the ministry to rescue the carrier, “the newspaper wrote.

According to DGP, “there are certain chances for this”. “A concept is being developed to help the last state bus stations, including a carrier from Częstochowa. The idea is basically integration of a dozen or so carriers who would form a group of transport companies. The merger would be done by a company that is doing the best. This is Warsaw’s PKS Polonus, which provides long-distance transport and selected suburban courses near the capital. He also manages the largest bus station in Poland – Warsaw West. The state bus companies they would also enter into close cooperation with PKP“- informs the diary.

Buses would take passengers to the railway stations

Deputy Minister of State Assets Janusz Kowalski told DGP that he was “a supporter of integrating PKS companies under the leadership of Polonus and creating a bus division that would operate in cooperation or within the PKP Group“.

“The authors of the concept are counting on the synergy of state-owned companies in the area of ​​transport. Buses would, among others, provide the function of transport to PKP stations in individual cities. shared ticket for trains and buses“- we read in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

According to the newspaper, “the integration of carriers is to be facilitated by the holding law created by the Ministry of State Assets.” “We do not yet know when exactly this idea can come into force, but as we have heard unofficially, in the face of pandemics and trouble carriers are under pressure to implement it quickly” – it was written.

More on this subject in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.



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