Corona crisis in the United States: California’s governor warns of crowds on beaches

The scenes from last weekend had apparently alarmed Gavin Newsom. In sunny weather, there was a lot going on on some beaches – too much for the governor’s taste California. He has in the Corona crisis Appeals to US citizens to comply with virus rules on beaches in the future. “The virus doesn’t take a break at the weekend,” Newsom said in an online press conference Monday.

In the southern California districts of Orange and Ventura, numerous people flocked to the beaches on Sunday at temperatures of over 30 degrees. In contrast to those in neighboring Los Angeles, the beaches there are not closed.

The pictures of the beaches in Orange and Ventura are “exactly what you shouldn’t do,” Newsom said. He warned that the crowds on the beach would jeopardize “significant progress” in California in the fight against the corona virus. The virus “does not go back home because there is a sunny day on our coasts”.

However, Newsom also emphasized that the existing restrictions on public life in the West Coast state continue to be largely followed by the population. In California, exit restrictions were imposed relatively quickly, which experts say has prevented the virus from spreading more widely in the most populous U.S. state.

Celebrity Taskforce should help organize the restart

So far, around 45,000 coronavirus infections have been recorded in California. The official death toll from the pandemic there was 1753 on Monday.

The Democrat Newsom had introduced a working group of politicians and business people ten days ago to work on plans for economic opening and a restart after the Corona mandatory break. Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of them.

In addition to the actor who was California’s governor from 2003 to 2011, ex-governors Jerry Brown, Gray Davis and Pete Wilson are also on board. The former Disney boss Bob Iger and Apple CEO Tim Cook join the business community.

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