Coronavirus in Mexico: 970 deaths and 10,544 confirmed cases

In Mexico, the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 10,544 confirmed patients, reported the Ministry of Health (SSa) this Wednesday. The figure of fatalities grew to 970.

The Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that the 10,544 confirmed cases in the country were identified as of the first on February 28. He emphasized the 3,618 confirmed active cases and called them the engine of the epidemic. Active cases are confirmed positive cases with symptoms onset date in the last 14 days.

In the map of incident cases from April 9 to 22, the variability that exists in the national territory for the epidemic. In the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico there is the greatest activity of the epidemic, later in Baja California, in the northern border region of Tijuana and Mexicali, in the area of ​​the municipality of Benito Juárez in Quintana Roo, in Tabasco, and in Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa.

In confirmed cases active by state entity of residence in the last 14 days, the majority are in Mexico City with 1085, the State of Mexico with 584, and Baja California with 300. The entities with the least amount are San Luis Potosí and Colima, with 9 and 6 cases, respectively.

The undersecretary explained that incidence is the number of new cases divided by the population size of a defined territory. The division allows to compare the intensity of transmission between the different states because each one has a different population.

Within the incidence rate of active cases by state entity of residence, the largest are in Mexico City, Tabasco, and Baja California. Jalisco and San Luis Potosí are the states with the lowest rates. The national is 2.83.

After insisting on the protection measures, he reported on the distribution of deaths in terms of age groups and sex: 69% have been registered in men and 31% in women. The median age is 59 years, and the range of deaths is from 1 year to 99. The highest number of deaths is found in the 45-49 age group.

López-Gatell stated that, compared to European countries, Mexico has a relatively young population. However, there is an “extremely high” frequency of chronic diseases, in particular diabetes, obesity, hypertension, all associated with poor diet.

The undersecretary asked the population “not to trust. The disease can take anyone by surprise and no one should assume that they are out of danger. We can all be infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Anyone can get infected. “

As for the cumulative deaths by date of death since the first, registered on March 18 of this year, clarified that “a small number” of people who have lost their lives happened before there was a chance to take samples for laboratory diagnostics.

Therefore, the Epidemiological Surveillance Manual contemplates medical judgment as a valid diagnostic mechanism. If there is a history of exposure or suspicion and the clinical signs that led to the person’s loss of life are compatible, the opinion committees may be registered as death by COVID-19.

The highest number of accumulated deaths by state entity from March 18 to April 22 are concentrated in Mexico City, Baja California, and the State of Mexico. Aguascalientes and Colima are the two states with the lowest figures.

If there is doubt about the symptoms, you can go to the information mechanisms: 800-004-4800 and 911 and Susana Distancia through WhatsApp. The positivity percentage is how many people who are tested for COVID-19 are positive for the virus. The percentage is from 20 to 22%. Finally, the undersecretary reported that there were 1,043 new confirmed cases from the previous day, with an increase of 11%.

López-Gatell stated that the focus from phase 3 is new cases. Within the international panorama and the distribution by continents, there is a total of 2,471,136 confirmed cases worldwide. 45%, or 1,117,803, are confirmed cases in the last 14 days. The global lethality level remains at 6.8%. America, with 508,288 or 45.5% of cases, is already more active than Europe, with 499,297 or 44.7%.

On April 21, during the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it was decreed that Mexico is formally in phase 3 of the coronavirus pandemic.

It will be necessary maintain and extend the National Day of Healthy Distance until May 30, 2020, in addition to the immediate suspension from March 30 to May 30, 2020 of non-essential activities to lessen the burden of disease.

The authorities informed that it is necessary to continue respecting the orders of Sana Distancia in order to keep the number of infected people as low as possible and maintain availability of beds and resources for patients who require it.

Mainly an emphasis has been made at the following points:

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