Coronavirus outbreak in Swiss nightclub leaves 300 people quarantined – World

An outbreak of coronavirus in a nightclub in Zurich, Switzerland, forced 300 people to be quarantined, due to the extremely rapid way in which the infection spread to people.

After six men tested positive for covid-19 days after being at the Swiss Flamingo Club on June 21, the 300 people who shared the space with them that night will be confined, as decided by the country’s health authorities.

The information, advanced by the agency Reuters, realizes that that nightclub was open, like others in Europe, but that the stay in the space was made with some restrictions.

In collaboration with those responsible for the space, the health authorities were able to contact all the actors at that party, including the disco staff. They are all in mandatory 10-day quarantine and are testing covid-19.

“Depending on the evolution and impact of this outbreak, we can admit closing all clubs,” said health officials.

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