Coronavirus: Scotland registers no death for the fourth consecutive day | UK News

Scotland has had no new deaths from coronavirus for the fourth day in a row, said Nicola Sturgeon.

At a Scottish government briefing, Sturgeon announced that the total number of people who died after contracting the virus remains at 2,482.

She added five more people who tested positive for the virus since Sunday, bringing the total to 18,241 people.

A total of 740 patients were in Scottish hospitals with confirmation or suspicion COVID-19[female[feminine, down 38 from 24 hours.

Of these, 10 were intensive care, a drop from three.

Regarding the numbers, she said: “In the past 24 hours, I am pleased to report that no deaths have been recorded from a patient confirmed with a COVID-19 test.

“The total number of deaths in Scotland under this measure therefore remains 2,482. This is the fourth consecutive day that no patient deaths confirmed by a test have been recorded in Scotland.

“Now two of those days have been weekends, and we know that registration can be artificially low on weekends, and we could see more deaths recorded later this week.

“But there is no doubt that these recent figures undoubtedly demonstrate the progress made by Scotland in the fight against COVIDs, and this is due to the sacrifices of everyone across the country. I want to thank you again sincerely for that. “

The Scottish Prime Minister also spoke on the issue of air bridges between the United Kingdom and European countries.

She said the British government had not consulted with the Scottish government before the changes.

Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf had a conference call with Michael Gove and the other decentralized administrations on the matter Monday morning, she added.

Sturgeon said she could “see the benefits” of a consistent UK-wide approach to airlift, but quarantine restrictions could become more severe in Scotland as impact cases relative from abroad could potentially be more important.

As a result, she said that her government would take more time to consider the use of airlift and make a new announcement about them in the future.

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