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Before Overwatch 2 was officially released, there were many questions about whether it was a sequel or a season 2. This evaluation was not very different from the initial beta test. However, as the controls evolved, new materials appeared, and the Battle Pass system appeared, people’s attitudes began to change little by little. It is clear that it has become a highly anticipated work, especially now that it is nearing publication.

Mecca of the game was released on October 5th, and we had time to review all the material released so far before playing Overwatch 2 in earnest.

Unlike Overwatch, which was played 6v6, Overwatch 2 is played 5v5. Because the number of tanks was reduced by one, the roles were set to 1 charge, 2 attack, and 2 support. As the forces changed, the assault force, whose mission was greatly expanded, and the support unit, whose survivability was greatly reduced, underwent significant modifications.

In particular, Orisa’s basic skills and attacks have all been changed for tanking, and Doomfist, who had an amazing performance, has transformed into a charge hero with a new skill set. Zenyatta, who has no survival phase, has a “snap kick” feature that can knock back attackers with melee attacks, while other support heroes have a passive feature that regenerates health after not being attacked for a period of time.

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