[Cyllid 100 Eiliad]Meta will implement the biggest budget cut since its inception | Korean chips | Iran’s oil exports | US sanctions

Beijing time:2022-09-30 06:32

[NTDTV, amser Beijing, Medi 30, 2022]See today’s 100 Seconds of Finance.

Fed’s Eagle King: Rate hikes will cool next year

St Louis Fed President James Bullard on Thursday (29th) reiterated his stance on raising interest rates to fight inflation. He expects US inflation to start declining in 2023, but how fast will it decline? that the situation in the UK will not affect the US economy.

Meta to implement the biggest cut in the budget since its inception

Bloomberg reported that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at an internal meeting on Thursday (29th) the company’s first major budget reduction plan since its founding, including a team restructuring and a personnel recruitment freeze, and said the period of rapid growth had come to an end

South Korean chip production fell 1.7% in August, first drop in 4 years

Bloomberg reported that South Korea’s chip production fell 1.7% in August from a year earlier, the first decline in more than four years, suggesting a slowdown in global chip demand and a gloomy outlook for the semiconductor industry.

The United States imposed sanctions on companies involved in Iran’s petrochemical and oil trade, including several Chinese companies, on Thursday (29), putting pressure on Tehran as Iran tries to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

NTDTV’s Asia Pacific television report

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