Cynthia Nixon on the run for office: “People can have many careers in their life”

These are partisan times in THIS UNITED STATES. Let’s trace some of the candidates and problems during this election year, starting with a well-known dark horse our Erin Moriarty followed:

Cynthia Nixon’s face is instantly recognizable thanks to that hit TV show “Sex and the City” and 40 years of stage and screen appearances, but that may not help her win the role of a lifetime.

The woman who once played Miranda, the career lawyer on “Sex and The City,” has now joined the ranks of more than three dozen women across the country running for the highest office in their state. “Why, what are we waiting around? What are we waiting for? There is no cavalry coming!” he said to Moriarty. “We must be the cavalry ourselves. We must lead the charge.”

It’s a surprising career change for a woman who didn’t need it. 52-year-old Cynthia Nixon won two Emmys, a Grammy and two Tony’s, one last year for Best Actress in the Broadway revival of “The Little Foxes.”

She has been acting since she was nine, starting with the TV show “To Tell the Truth”, where her mother worked. At 12 she was chosen for the film “Little Darlings”.

When asked what she likes about acting, Nixon described it as “a wonderful piece of literature, but it’s a piece of literature made flesh. It’s also an opportunity to try different personalities and see the lives of different people. And for me, I don’t know. I know, particularly when I was a teenager, it was a way to bring out all my powerful feelings! “

It also helped pay the bills. She was raised by her single mother in Manhattan after her parents’ marriage broke up. “My dad is in real trouble and our house could be a really scary place sometimes,” she said.

“Did he abuse your mother?” Moriarty asked.

“It wasn’t physical, but a lot of screaming and a lot of crying and very upset.”

So when Nixon was six, his mother left, taking her daughter with her. “For me, every time in my life that I have found the strength and courage to stand up, including now, I am from what he showed me I could do,” Nixon said.

With her mother’s encouragement, Nixon’s career took off. While in college, she was cast in two Broadway shows directed by Mike Nichols: “Hurlyburly” and “The Real Thing”.

Cynthia Nixon in two Broadway shows at the same time – with Christine Baranski and Jeremy Irons in “The Real Thing” (left), and with William Hurt in “Hurlyburly”: “They were two blocks from each other. And I was in the first act of one and the second act of the other, and then again the third act of the first! I was running back and forth! “

Martha Swope / NYPL, Billy Rose Theater Division

But in 1998 came “Sex and the City” and Cynthia Nixon became a star.

“Certainly we could never have imagined the success, popularity and longevity [of the show], “he said.” But I think it was really ahead of its time. And I think Miranda, in particular, was so ahead of her time. “

Nixon says he didn’t have much in common with attorney Miranda Hobbes twenty years ago.

Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”.


“I loved Miranda from the start, but she was certainly much more confrontational than me. She was much more of a gladiator of sorts. But I found that by the end of the show, I had definitely become more like hers.”

It seems to have given her the impetus to run for governor of New York by hiring another Democrat, Andrew Cuomo, the incumbent for two terms, in the primary. In the most recent survey, however, she has more than 30 points ahead of her.

“Everyone assumes that the biggest, most institutional and best funded candidate is the person who has it in the bag,” Nixon said, adding, “I wouldn’t cancel that quickly. This race, as with so many of the races around. the country, I think it’s really a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party. We need a Democratic Party that gives people something to vote for, not just something to vote against. You can’t just say “Vote for me because I’m not Donald Trump. ‘”

Her stardom draws her more attention than many other first-time candidates, but it doesn’t protect her from tough questions:

Stephen Colbert: “Do we need another celebrity in charge? Because we have one in the White House, and it’s not working out very well. … Political amateurs may not be the people, no offense, but you have no experience in a public office. Should the governor of New York be the first job you have? “

Nixon: “I don’t think … I think Donald Trump is a real estate developer first and foremost and inherited his money and business from his father. He couldn’t be more different from me.”

Cynthia Nixon isn’t just racing to make a point of
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Youtube

Although Nixon worked for years as an activist in public schools, he never held public office.

Moriarty asked, “If you really want to make the change, shouldn’t you start with a more accessible office? Why governor?”

“Because the governor is the one wrong in New York State,” he replied.

“How are you going to accomplish this miracle? You don’t have the money, you don’t have the polls now?”

“It’s totally a David and Goliath thing, it’s absolutely true,” Nixon said. “But we have three months. And if you look how far we’ve come in the three months since I started racing, we just have to keep talking about the problems.”

If Nixon could pull off an upset, she would not only become the first woman, but the first gay governor of New York State. She is married to Christine Marinoni, a woman she met when she was first involved in advocating for public education.

Nixon had never dated a woman before. “I’ve had such admiration for her from the very beginning,” Nixon said. “But you know, there were a lot of things in my life. I was doing ‘Sex and the City’, I was raising my family, and it wasn’t until mine – we weren’t married, but my relationship with my father of children broke and I was at such a low point that she really was, she was there for me in an amazing way. “

The two have a young son, Nixon’s third child, and share a home full of memories of the world she left behind.

Actress Cynthia Nixon with correspondent Erin Moriarty.

CBS News

Moriarty asked: “Isn’t it hard to leave everything behind? This has been your life for so many years.”

“You know, look Glenda Jackson. I mean, she served in Parliament for, how was it, 23 years? Look, she went back to Broadway, she just won a Tony for Best Actress. People can have many careers in their lives. . ”

This time around, Cynthia Nixon chose to write her own screenplay, for a role she says she’s ready to play.

Nixon said, “Women have the right to direct as much as anyone else, and our voices have been too few and far between. And that’s why I’m so inspired by all women running for the first time. It’s one of the things that really confirmed my decision to race “.

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