Daily News 7 Nov. Surrounded by thrilling Sa Kaeo for more than 20 hours. Col. mad with a gun to break the checkpoint

Daily News, Issue 7 Nov 65 (6 star frame)

News 1 Excitement Sa Kaeo surrounded for more than 20 hours Khmer soldiers stressed about breaking up with their wife, driving an invasion on the Thai side Not interested in negotiating until weak, collect successfully

News 2 The royal fire of Ek-Sorpong, Sutpiti family, fans flock to send tight

News 3 2 opinion polls confirm the Land Slide area. Northeast – North – Bangkok. “Chuan” Ding, MP, important event of the council The Democratic Party has the right to oppose the Marijuana Act

News 4 The government voiced the poor, 700,000 people registered, over 22 million, only vulnerable.

News 5 Intense control over Loi Krathong Do not light – release lanterns, breaking 3-year prison sentence

1 star frame (North-East-South-East) Issue 1 day in advance (8 Nov 65).

News 1Poll cheers Ung Ing-Phuea Thailand landslide sweeps 30 party-list MPs, Democrats reveal 8 candidates for Korat MPs The trader asked about the next prime minister, Jurin.

News 2.Ek-Sorpong royal cremation pays tribute to heaven Wishes Duangduen San Foundation – Viharn Luang Pu To

News 3Hunt for a thief, a good citizen, a scared girl, 1.3 million lost, sleeping on a hot fire grill Refresh the mind, relieve anxiety

News 4.Government tightens control over Loi Krathong, bans fireworks and releases overcrowded pontoon lanterns

News 5Closing the poor card, the total was more than 22 million, a decrease of more than 7 hundred thousand, to win a new year in 2023

All the details can be found in the “Daily News” newspaper on November 7 and the advance edition on November 8, 2022.

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