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Who knew that a beer could be racist? Or what about butter, pancakes, ice cream and rice? The awake crowd wiped out Dixie Beer, Land O’Lakes Butter, Aunt Jemima Pancakes, Eskimo Pie and Uncle Ben’s Rice.

The revival managed to remove the name of the WWII commander and hero Troy Middleton from an LSU library. Princeton University has announced that it will remove references to the former president of the United States and Woodrow Wilson school.

And then there are the statues. The awake crowd recently launched a statue of the New Orleans man accused of building many of the city’s public schools in the 19th century, John McDonogh, in the Mississippi River. The mobsters also removed or vandalized the statues of Christopher Columbus in Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and California. A statue of Columbus was beheaded in Massachusetts. In Chicago, the vandals spray painted a statue of George Washington and put a white hood over his head. In Miami, they sprayed a sickle and hammer, the sign of communism, over a statue of the explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.

Considering the current hypersensitivity to racism and to the mentality of non-loose historical figures, Louisiana American Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican, has an idea. Cassidy sent a letter to Thomas Perez, president of the Democratic National Committee, with a suggestion.

“Shouldn’t the party be embarrassed by your name? Is the role of the Democratic Party in our country’s worst racism episodes offensive? “Cassidy asked.

“The Democratic Party was founded by slave owners. These slave owners insisted on a constitution that preserved slavery. The Democratic Party opposed republican efforts to end slavery. The Democratic Party opposed Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation of emancipation. “

Cassidy claims that even after the civil war, Democrats continued to oppress African Americans.

“The Democrats opposed the efforts of the Republicans to give voting rights and civil rights to newly freed slaves. In more recent times, Democratic members of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives have fought civil rights legislation, beginning with the Republic of President Dwight Eisenhower’s 1957 Civil Republic Act. “

Cassidy was ruthless in telling the blatant racist story of the Democratic Party.

“Democratic governors have fought the integration of schools and public services and the list goes on. It took courageous decisions from the republican judges and the application of these laws by President Eisenhower, who at one point called on the military to overcome resistance. Two Democratic luminaries, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black and longtime senator Robert Byrd were members of the KKK when they were young, ”Cassidy wrote.

Cassidy says that not all democratic black policies are in the past.

“More recently, democratic mayors have allowed policies such as PTOs and unconstitutional use of force,” wrote Cassidy. “If the Democratic Mayor of Minneapolis had insisted on police reforms, George Floyd would have been alive. Two weeks ago, Senate Democrats even refused to authorize the debate on the Justice Law, a bill with reforms that would prevent deaths similar to those of George Floyd. Democrats said they wouldn’t allow the debate on the justice law because they didn’t like the trial. People will die from not liking a trial. This further smears the Democratic title. “

Cassidy acknowledged that “the Democratic Party is responsible for many good things.” But McDonogh, Columbus and Middleton were too. The double standard is evident.

Given that we are committed to changing the names of any food or historical personage or group with a hint of racism, we shouldn’t start with the political party that would preserve slavery, endorse Jim Crow’s laws, fight against voting rights and segregation. for African Americans and created the Ku Klux Klan as a violent arm of the party to terrorize black citizens from resistance?

“By maintaining the same standard required by people or groups in the past, even if they have contributed significantly to the freedoms we have today, the Democratic Party should be renamed if not dissolved,” Cassidy wrote.

Cassidy ended her letter to Perez with a PS.

“Actually I think the Democratic Party should keep its name. But the measure given will be the measure received. What I write as irony will soon be another’s serious intention. Why not?”

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