Daniel Scioli was made official as Argentine ambassador to Brazil

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and several months after the president Alberto Fernández summoned him for that position, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally appointed the former Buenos Aires governor Daniel Scioli as Argentine ambassador to Brazil. He did it through the Decree 570/2020 that was published this Monday in the Official bulletin.

In this way, and with the chancellor’s signature Felipe Solá, the until then national deputy was confirmed in the position, although the leader had already started his diplomatic work before.

At the beginning of last February, in fact, Scioli made a tour of San Pablo in which he met with local businessmen and with the head of the Federation of State Industries of this city (FIESP), Paulo Skaf, the most powerful employers’ organization from the neighboring country.

“Since President Alberto Fernández confirmed me as the ambassador, I began to work on the survey of all sectors, the diversity of Argentine products (in Brazil), as well as Brazilian products in the Argentine market,” he said during an interview that gave Infobae during that trip.

The document for his appointment was approved at the end of the same month by the Senate with 65 votes in favor, without negative votes or abstentions, during a session in which 11 other government representatives in different parts of the world were also ratified.

Days later, the opposition questioned his presence in the Chamber of Deputies during a debate in which, precisely, the project to reform the pension system of judges and ambassadors was discussed, which would later be approved.

The leader of the Front of All arrived at the compound and occupied the bench which I had not yet given up, thus allowing the necessary quorum for the ruling party to begin that session, which motivated the anger of the Together for Change bloc, which ended up withdrawing from Congress.

“We regret that the other opposition legislators are complicit in this anomaly; If the session is not adjourned, we are going to withdraw and we are going to prosecute this situation, ”warned the head of the opposition interblock, Mario Negri.

In addition, the former Cordovan president then pointed against the president of the Chamber, Sergio Massa, for allowing the debate to begin by counting someone “who left office, who had an agreement in the Senate committee” and who, therefore, “belongs to the Executive Power”.

“It was my responsibility to fulfill my task as a deputy until my appointment as ambassador in Brazil is formalized, when the decree is published in the Official Gazette,” Scioli defended himself on that occasion.

In addition, the former Buenos Aires governor assured that he paid out of pocket for two trips he had made to Brazil previously and maintained that the foreign minister Felipe Solá He traveled with him because he headed an official procession.

Later, he made his defense before the federal judge Maria Servini in the complaint against him for having voted as a national deputy the pension reform of judges and diplomatic staff after being appointed as Argentine ambassador to Brazil.

Finally, Scioli presented his resignation from his bank at the beginning of March, a few weeks before the government decreed social, preventive and compulsory isolation as a consequence of the pandemic: “My decision is based on the fact that in the next few days I will assume as Argentine ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil, ”explained the new diplomat, who now must move to the official residence where Roberto Bosch, the charge d’affaires, is already working.

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