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Deer captured in Brooklyn brought to Staten Island. Thanks, but we have plenty of them


NEW YORK, NY – A deer tagged from Staten Island, spotted running around Brooklyn this week has been sedated and returned to the island because that’s where he came from, the city’s parks department said, despite the agency saying that the animal posed an immediate threat and safety hazard to Brooklyn residents.

The Parks Department said the deer are strong swimmers and have been seen swimming from Staten Island to Brooklyn in the past, but Parks and the NYPD didn’t know exactly how exactly the Staten Island deer got to Brooklyn, which cops chased after. for hours in Gravesend, Brooklyn. , the New York Post reported.

The NYPD said its emergency service unit took the animal – labeled 1592 – to the “Great Kills Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.”

However, no such sanctuary appears to exist on Staten Island, and neither the NYPD nor the Department of Parks have been able to provide the exact location of where the animal was transported.

“The labeled dollar found in Brooklyn was transported to Staten Island because that’s where it originated,” Department of Parks spokeswoman Charisse Hill said.

The Parks Department said the deer was found in a densely populated Brooklyn neighborhood that posed an immediate threat and safety concern to residents.

But insisting that the city return the animal to a borough that is also densely populated, Parks said the deer are being returned to areas that already have an established deer population.


The Parks Department pointed out that Staten Island already has an established deer population and Brooklyn does not.

Hill said the label on the deer showed it was part of Staten Island’s white-tailed deer population and had received a vasectomy at Ocean Breeze Park in December 2019.

But District President James Oddo called the city for sending the deer back to Staten Island, arguing that the borough should not be the “default repository for all deer caught in other districts,” whether labeled or not.

“Let’s hope 1592 doesn’t collide with a vehicle on Staten Island in the future. Let’s hope 1592 drops ticks in a city park that eventually spread Lyme disease to a Staten Islander. Let’s hope 1592 doesn’t worsen the ecological devastation of the parks district, “Oddo said.” He could just do all of the above, whether he has a vasectomy or not, and that understands why this program is a blatant failure. “

Minority leader Steven Matteo (R-Mid Island) also asked why the city would send deer to Staten Island if it were “wreaking havoc in Brooklyn.”

“I don’t think it makes any sense to send a wild deer that was wreaking havoc in Brooklyn to Staten Island so it can wreak havoc here,” Matteo said. “The whole episode once again questions whether this deer vasectomy is working and whether we need to rethink this plan.”

Winter will mark the fifth year of what has become a $ 6.6 million vasectomy program on the district’s deer population.

An $ 84 million cut in the Department of Parks overall budget for fiscal year 2021, including a $ 700,000 cut in the vasectomy program budget, initially forced the city to suspend the program for the rest of the year and beyond. .

But Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to reinstate the $ 700,000 in funding so that vasectomy can resume this winter after discovering the program’s budget had been cut.

In 2017, the White Buffalo city contractor counted approximately 2,053 deer on Staten Island in its first population estimate, and by the end of the program’s fourth year, which ended in January, the contractor counted 1,555 deer – a decline of 24. %.

In April, the city said 93 percent of Staten Island horned males had been sterilized.



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