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‘Delta plan needed ventilation to brake second wave’

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A Delta Plan ventilation is required to be well prepared in the autumn for the threat of a second corona wave. Because by that time we are much more in closed spaces such as offices, healthcare institutions and schools, we are very vulnerable to faulty fans, heaters and air conditioners. That is what Maurice de Hond says in BNR Ask me Anything, in which he spent an hour discussing with virologist Ab Osterhaus.

Virologist Ab Osterhaus confirms the importance of proper ventilation systems and can find a thorough approach, for example through a delta plan. ‘There are now many publications that show that insufficient ventilation causes problems because aerosols get stuck. Science has just published a story in which it is very clearly demonstrated that these aerosols can be important in addition to the direct distribution of larger droplets. ‘

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But in addition to good filter systems, source and contact research is particularly crucial for the near future, says Osterhaus. “We can now collect information about the contact investigation and where those outbreaks are occurring. At some point you start to see patterns. With source and contact research you can trace people, if you do that correctly, preferably with an app. You cannot distinguish where the contamination occurred in airplanes and football matches, so you don’t know. ”

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The core, as far as De Hond is concerned, is that ‘people like Ab Osterhaus and others’ have no clue as to why the outbreak is so great in South and North America. ‘If you just make the interior spaces corona proof, you can also do all aspects there. You can view everything from virology and health and risk avoidance, but we are also a society that wants to live together. That is also possible, if you take the right measures. ”

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If you make every space in the Netherlands corona proof and give it a certificate, you can undertake just about any activity in those spaces, says De Hond. “My position is that we can do much more if we take the right precautions. The big danger is that we end up in super spread events. This can be prevented by means of a Delta Plan ventilation. I would already do everything to ensure that we can live on as a society in the autumn. ‘

Listen to the full discussion between Ab Osterhaus and Maurice de Hond here


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