Denmark asks for human rights training uniforms during World Cup… FIFA not allowed

The World Cup Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. AP News

During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will start on the 21st (Korea time), the Danish Football Association asked them to wear training suits with a ‘human rights message’, but FIFA refused.

According to the British media BBC on the 11th (Korea time), Denmark announced that it would wear training clothes with the phrase ‘human rights for all’ during Qatar World Cup training. But FIFA banned him.

FIFA cited the rule against the ban on political expression in football matches as well as the World Cup as the reason for their rejection. The Danish Football Association did not agree that it was political, but said it would abide by FIFA’s decision.

Before the World Cup in Qatar, there is criticism of human rights violations in Qatar. Migrant workers who were mobilized to build stadiums, roads and hotels suffered from poor working conditions and low wages, according to reports more than 6,500 people died.

Prohibiting homosexuality by law in Qatar and punishing homosexuals is also considered a violation of representative human rights. Although the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee and FIFA said, “We welcome all visitors to the Qatar World Cup site,” Qatar’s World Cup Ambassador Khalid Salman insisted in an interview with German television that “homosexuality is an act that is not in accordance with Islamic precepts and is psychologically harmful.” the year caused controversy.

Some of the European national team captains, including England’s Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur), will play in the Qatar World Cup wearing the ‘One Love’ armband. This arm band is intended to oppose all discrimination in this world, including LGBTQ people.

Senior Reporter Lee Jun-ho

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