Department of Futsal, S. Sports, Chiang Mai Prepare to open the audition for female athletes

4 October 65

Department of Futsal, S. Sports, Chiang Mai Prepare to open the selection of female athletes for the national youth, region 5 selection

Futsal Division, Chiang Mai State Sports Association, with Mr. Thanakorn Kongsrinuan as the chairman of the department, together with the team preparing to launch the audition Young female futsal players to participate in the competition Region 5 Qualifying Round 5 of the National Youth Games in Phichit Province hosting the Phichit Games during 1-10 December 2022

for the selected team Maenakorn Kongsornnuan, CEO, Dr. Tharathip Wongbanna (Advisor) Mr. Sorawit Aseng (Advisor), Mr. Athiwat Manichak (Team Manager) Chum (Head Coach) Mr. Thosapol Pukmanee (Coach) Mr. Chainarong Cheychum (Coach) Futsal Athlete. To take part in the audition you must be under 17 years old, born in 2005 and registered as an athlete under the Chiang Mai Sports Association

Mr. Athiwat Manichak, Team Manager and Mr. Pakphon Sangchum, Head Coach The selection of young female futsal athletes will be held on October 8, 2022, starting at 8:30 AM onwards at the Nawamintranusorn Dome Stadium. Payap Nawamintrachuthit School, interested futsal athletes can join the audition on the above mentioned date and time.

For a list of the Chiang Mai Sports Association Futsal Sports Committee
Vice President Mr. Thanakorn Kongsrinuan, Vice President Mr. Chuchat Tribkit and
Mr. Rithee Raktham Secretary Mr. Thosapol Pukmanee Mr. Pakphon Sangchum
Patikom Sorawit Aseng Registrar Mr. Patipat Udom Public Relations Mr. Woranai Chaiwongyat Director Mr. Athiwat Director Maneekak Mr. Nattawut Phatarowat
Director Mr Nuttawut Saensuk

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