Despite impressive # 1 screenings of “Ratched” and “Away”, No Show dominated Netflix as “Cobra Kai” did in September.

In the past 25 days, two shows have been at the heart of Netflix

List of the 10 best TV shows. Between 6 and 17 September, Hilary Swank’s drama Far held the top position on that daily list. And in the last 13 days, the thriller directed by Sarah Paulson Ratched took back that premier post.

But during the first five days of the month, Cobra Kai he was the best dog. And despite having given up his hold on position number 1 to both of them Far is Ratched back in September, no other show in Netflix’s database could match how viral it was Cobra Kai it has been over the past 30 days.

Indeed, Cobra Kai it has had one of the most impressive months we’ve seen on Netflix this year and there are numbers to prove it.

Because Netflix keeps such a tight picture on its download numbers, we’re never quite sure which shows are more popular than others. But thanks to the streaming platform’s Top 10 list, we are able to track the location of the shows every day and award points accordingly. This gives us a much better idea of ​​which shows are performing the best over a longer period of time.

And according to that classification system, Cobra Kai he had a month for books. In the month of September, Cobra Kai scored 241 points, 54 points more than second place Far, 86 points more than in third place CoComelonand 111 points more than Ratched.

Here are the Top 10 rankings for September:

  1. Cobra Kai – 241 points
  2. Far – 187 points
  3. CoComelon – 155 points
  4. Ratched – 130 points
  5. Jurassic Park: Cretaceous Field – 112 points
  6. Sister, sister – 88 points
  7. Get organized with The Home Edit – 79 points
  8. Lucifer – 77 points
  9. The black list – 69 points
  10. Chef’s table – 54 points

That monthly total of 241 points is something very few shows have managed to do. And if we limit Cobra Kaifor the first 30 days only, then that score goes up to 261 points, a total that only five other shows managed to hit in the first 30 days. And those shows are arguably Netflix’s biggest projects in 2020: Tiger King, Outer Banks, Love is Blind, The Umbrella Academy is Ozark.

And while yes Cobra Kai spent more time on Netflix than either Far or Ratched back in September, that fact doesn’t rule out how viral the show continued to stay for all 30 days of the month. Today, Cobra Kai saw its 34 consecutive days in the Top 10 charts, a series that only nine other shows have ever had.

The awards continue: before the beginning of September, Cobra Kai he had spent the last four days of August in first place in the daily Top 10, which brought his cumulative streak to number one at nine days. This is a series that only eight other shows have made this year on Netflix.

It happens like this Far it was one of those shows that made a streak of at least nine days. Indeed, FarThe 12-day streak was much longer. However, Far could only handle 25 days on the top 10 list, compared to Cobra KaiThe current 34 day streak.

This shows how viral it is Cobra Kai has been. The show’s continued longevity played a huge role in its placement on the 2020 charts, where the former YouTube series currently sits in eighth place. With 281 points accumulated so far this year, Cobra Kai tight behind The office (which currently has 286 points) e Love is blind (299 points).

What if Cobra KaiThe popularity of s continues into the new month, it is unknown how high the show will rise in the 2020 charts.


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