Discover Tom Hardy as an aging Al Capone in the new trailer

Prepare to see Tom Hardy like an aging Al Capone. The new film, which is called Capone, is a biopic with Josh Trank as director. The film will follow Capone in his later years while he lived in Florida. Read on to learn when you can expect to see highly anticipated film.

“America’s best known gangster”

Tom hardy
Tom Hardy | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

There is a brand new trailer for the movie about the aging gangster infested with syphilis. The film was originally titled Fonzo but was renamed for Capone. According to Variety, the new film will be released on VOD on May 12. Viewers will be able to see the film with a rental of 48 hours. It is broadcast via Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment. However, it is still planned to give the public a summer outing in theaters for a full experience.

The director published the trailer via Twitter

Trank released the trailer via his Twitter account in April
15. “TRAILER. Tom Hardy. Capone. Coming May 12. (Different title. My cup. 🤩), ”
the Publish
is subtitled

The synopsis of the new film is: “Al, 47 years old,
Capone, after 10 years in prison, begins to suffer from dementia and arrives at
to be haunted by his violent past. “

Al Capone is a name that many people still know today. He was huge In the 1920’s when he was the leader of the Chicago crowd. However, he was quashed when he was charged with tax evasion and sent to jail.

People Go Crazy For All-New Trailer

The trailer looks pretty exciting and fans can’t wait to see
the whole movie. Tom Hardy turns into an old gangster who still has a lot
to prove. Viewers Will See Another Side Of Capone While He Lives In

“Do you know what is the difference between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler is dead. Capone lives like a king in Florida “, Crawford (Jack lowden), says an FBI agent. We see a number of plans of Capone living large in his old age. He entertains the guests and smokes cigars.

“He has full dementia. I have reason to believe that all of this could be an elaborate act, ”says Crawford. “We have information that your client has hidden a very large sum of money.”

There is even a scene of Capone in the water with a crocodile
it looks like he’s ready to eat it for a snack. “We made a promise. One day we
was going to be great, “said Capone to a crowd of people sitting around the

Many fans commented on the director’s post with the
trailer. People are more than ready to see this movie.

Many people have said how beautiful the film is. “It looks great
man! “a Twitter user wrote.

There was also praise for Hardy. “Tom Hardy is the most flexible
actor of our OMI era, “said a fan.

Another fan thinks the show could win a prize or two for
all the great work. “My bet. It will win an Oscar believe me,” the fan

People can’t wait to see Tom Hardy Capone in the brand new

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