Disney +: Percy Jackson joins a series – here are the movies in streaming

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The first film adaptation of a Percy Jackson novel was 2010’s “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus”.

There was a time when “Percy Jackson” was known as the new “Harry Potter”. But although the Percy Jackson series books are also bestsellers, their film adaptations were nowhere near the success of the Harry Potter films. After the first film “Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus” there was still enough for a sequel; but after “Percy Jackson – Under the Spell of the Cyclops” it was over again.

With the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the film rights to “Percy Jackson” now belong to the Disney group, which now has new plans for a cinematic realization of youth stories based on Greek mythology.

As Rick Riordan himself announced, the author of Percy Jackson’s five novels on Twitter, the adventure series will be reimplemented as a TV series for the Disney + streaming service.

When does the Disney + “Percy Jackson” series start?

According to Riordan, Percy Jackson’s Disney + series will cover one novel per season. The first season would then be “The Lightning Thief” (German book title: “Diebe im Olymp”).

The implementation should take place as a live-action series, i.e. as a true film production. However, there are currently no further details or a start date.

As soon as Disney + releases more information, we will update this article accordingly.

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Percy Jackson already streaming

Previous film adaptations of Percy Jackson’s novels can currently both be found on Netflix. Part 1 is also available on Disney +.

  • Percy Jackson – Thieves in Olympus
  • Percy Jackson – I’m Bann des Zyklopen

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