Disney +: the best series according to the editorial staff of CNET and yourself

That’s it, Disney + entered our cottages on April 07 and the platform streaming didn’t come empty-handed. In his bag, there are most of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. Especially films, but also a handful of high quality series.

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Every month, we will therefore establish an updated selection of the best programs available in the SVoD service offer. Obviously, the latter will be brought to evolve with the new entries in its catalog.

Besides, if you have questions or suggestions on the happy monthly elected representatives, do not hesitate to comment on this article or let us know on CNET’s social networks.

In April, the choice of editorial staff fell on The Mandalorian and Once upon a time there were the Imagineers. Spectators voted for the animated series Memories of Gravity Falls. Finally, The Simpsons is our bonus series in April.

Before starting, let’s take stock of our methodology:

  • In the following selection, two contents are chosen by the editorial staff. These are two Disney + series appreciated by CNET and warmly recommended by us.
  • The third program is the one that has obtained the best user ratings from five well-known seriesphile sites (Allociné, Sens Critique, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Metacritic).

What are the best series to watch on Disney + in April 2020?

1. One of the best series in the catalog

The Mandalorian: a new star


The Empire is dead, long live the New Republic. Not sure that the Mandalorian hero of the series shares this philosophy. His job, bounty hunter, no longer pays since the return of peace. To pocket a large sum, he then accepts an unofficial contract.

His mission ? Find and bring a small being of the sort of late Master Yoda to his sponsors. But when he gets his hands on it, Mando realizes that créture is just a child. Against all expectations, he changes his mind and decides to save him. Then begins a dangerous journey in the galaxy for the duo who must escape the many enemies on their heels.

Why this choice

The Mandalorian is a successful extension of the galactic universe of Star Wars. This is a quality that few productions can boast of since Disney bought the franchise. And yet, the entertainment giant does not skimp on resources. Each year, at least one new film is released in theaters, not counting series like Clone wars or Rebels.

In short, expectation and impatience went hand in hand with distrust and skepticism while waiting for the arrival of the new series on our screens. As of April 07, we launched our bodies and souls into the viewing of the first episodes posted on Disney +. First conclusion of this session of binge-watching : the adventures of the Mandalorian may well reconcile us with Star Wars after our last cinematic disappointments.

In a context different from that of the different opuses of the saga, with a character far from the Jedi versus Sith conflicts, we nevertheless find the atmosphere that made the charm of the universe Star Wars. The “western Spaghetti” side, a novelty, is quite tasty and gives a certain cachet to this dive into the shallows of the galaxy.

The staging is impeccable, the special effects successful and the hero very charismatic. The cute Baby Yoda has also won the hearts of many and once the viewing has started, we can easily understand why. On the side of the plot, nothing revolutionary, but an obvious desire to do well. If it is not always original or unexpected, it is always consistent and rhythmic, so that we take great pleasure in following the adventures of the Mandalorian bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian does not abrupt its spectator. The series takes its time, without being boring. The exploration of new nooks and crannies of the galaxy is successful and the series can count on its actors, notably Pedro Pascal in the main role, to do the job well. Finally, a special mention to the brilliant soundtrack that completes the excellent impression left by the first major exclusivity stamped Disney +.

  • Here is the trailer for the very good series Star Wars :

2. Another reference series

Once upon a time there were the Imagineers, the Disney visionaries


Since the genesis of the Disney phenomenon, artists, designers and creatives of all kinds have worked hard to give shape to the ideas and ambitions of the founder of this empire, Walt Disney himself. Within the “Imagineering” division, they create, design and invent the theme parks of today and tomorrow.

Director Leslie Iwerks was able to enter this somewhat special branch, a veritable laboratory of innovation. By mixing archives and unpublished images, she documents behind the scenes of the twelve Disney amusement parks open to the four corners of the globe.

Why this choice

A documentary series to change, and this one should appeal to fans of Disney and its amusement parks like the famous Disneyland Paris. Once upon a time there were the Imagineersis the story of Disney stamped theme parks, from the beginning to the present day. The six episodes are therefore a journey back in time, but also in the spirit of the creatives who have given life for several decades to the dream worlds of Walt Disney.

Presented from this angle, the documentary appears to be nothing but praise, a great ode to Walt Disney and the creativity of its Imagineers teams. It is true, but that is not all. The series also shows behind the scenes of the creation of an amusement park, the obstacles and problems encountered by the Imagineering division.

Tight budgets, unforeseen events, social conflicts, constant injunction to push the limits of innovation … Once upon a time there were the Imagineers treats its subject from all angles, without omitting the less shiny sides of the construction of the Mickey Empire. It is sometimes “glorified”, but also often stung. This is what is part of the charm of this creation by Leslie Iwerks.

Go behind the scenes, discover tasty anecdotes about the parks, the daily life and the shadow work of the Imagineers who compete in ingenuity to “sell” the Disney dream to millions of visitors … so many interesting subjects explored in the series .

She says a lot about the functioning of the entertainment giant and its strategy to continue to amaze fans of Mickey Mouse and the like. For all these reasons, we frankly advise you to take a look at it, whether you are fans of Disney’s first hour or not.

  • Look at this trailer to get an idea:

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3. The best series according to the spectators

Memories of Gravity Falls: dream vacation


When they learn that they are going to spend the summer holidays with their old uncle Stan in the depths of the United States, the twins Dipper and Marbel Pines are far from delighted. Hard to blame them, they leave California for the small lost town of Gravity Falls in Oregon.

There, the old man runs a museum, a veritable cabinet of curiosities at a discount, which he charges a few naive tourists passing by at the price of gold. But very quickly, the two teenagers realize that things are not going well in the village. With their new friends, they set out to discover what is really going on there.

Why this choice

A quality animated series that changes from Disney’s usual children’s programs. Memories of Gravity Falls is one of the last Disney Channel productions that we really enjoyed writing. To launch the first episode is to embark on a journey completely barred in the depths of the country of Uncle Sam, with twins a little too curious for their own good.

It’s crazy, crazy, quirky and almost always very funny. If the pitch starting point is fairly classic, the subtlety of the writing, the diversity of the characters and the graphic identity of the show help it stand out. His characters are often caricatured, but also very endearing. They are rather well developed and manage not to lock themselves in the stereotypes glued by the screenwriters.

The series goes up crescendo, there are many twists and turns and it is very easy to take on the game of the mysteries of Gravity Falls. It will appeal to children as well as adults, a quality which all Disney productions are far from being able to boast.

With Dipper, Marbel and their friends, you never get bored for a second. Gags and absurd situations are linked, without relegating the protagonists’ investigation to the background. Moral of the story: do not hesitate to start this nugget from the Disney + catalog.

  • Here’s the trailer for the first season:

4. Bonus: an essential series, for fun

The Simpsons: classic among the classics


The daily newspaper of the Simpson family, of average Americans who live in the city of Springfield. Father Homer is an obese and lazy drunkard, a great lover of beers and junk food. His wife Marge, wiser, tries as best he can to frame her husband and their three children. But everyday life is never at rest between the nonsense of Bart the terrible offspring, Lisa the gifted and Maggie the youngest.

Why this choice

A relief for many aficionados of Simpson, almost all the episodes of the series are available on Mickey’s streaming platform and that’s great. Funny, offbeat, satirical trash at will, the impressive longevity program is still one of the pillars of the small screen.

Let’s face it, fans of the first hour certainly did not wait for Disney + to see and watch the animated series again. Many have succumbed to the charms of not necessarily legal streaming or DVD boxes. Others also surely watch the episodes over the television broadcasts.

However, Disney + will be an opportunity to take advantage of it legally and in excellent quality. Admittedly, it was perhaps not the program most awaited by the subscribers. But still, no doubt that The Simpsons keeps a real power of attraction. With us, Homer’s adventures and his family always have a small effect.

  • For fun, here’s a fun video about Disney and the Simpsons :

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