Distributing votes for the 2020 roster – The Athletic

I wanted to do it last year, but then the Nationals won the Wild Card game and went on to win, and it just didn’t feel right to evaluate every individual in a league team. Surely, they all had a moment here and there in the 162-game season.

This year is obviously different and a lot of things have gone wrong. But while injuries derailed quite a few players, some players passed the 2020 tests and a select few made it through the oddities of a 60-game season. (We’ll spare the obvious challenge warning of playing in a pandemic. Every other team faced the same challenges, and Nats had one of the easiest travel plans in baseball.)

This is a simple assessment of baseball, as pure as you can get in a season that people have equated with extended spring training. It’s hard to do too much one way or another about a guy’s season, but overreacting isn’t exactly what the media is for? Please note this is 1) based on 2020 only and …


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