Doctor Chang opens the horoscope for October, 3 zodiac signs, excellent work, received good news, support people

Capricorn (those born between 15 January and 12 February)

Capricorn It is a zodiac that is exceptional, the turmoil in life will be reduced. Before this, I may do many things. Responsible for many things at the same time But in October The chaos star has left Libra. First, it makes Capricorn more satisfied with the work. Second, this is the way to reach the goal intended. For example, if he works in sales, perhaps closing the sale More targeted work. And most importantly, progress in better work October is already the end of the year. Anyone waiting for an opportunity to earn a change, a promotion, a promotion, a promotion, whatever. It is a zodiac sign with a lot of luck, including luck that comes from long journeys. Whether it is working in other states, far away or some people have traveled abroad which will lead to progress and a good fit

Pisces (those born between 15 Mar.-1. Apr.)

Pisces Between 1-16 October will be the time when the stars of the world of work will stand out. especially the work that needs to be dealt with Make an employment contract, a purchase contract, these things will be good. who will close the sale Make a deal to hurry at the beginning of the month, good news is definitely waiting. Including getting help from bosses, adults, customers, Zodiac signs that people are compassionate. make progress including the topic of the situation in good condition Including things that require you to rely on rhetoric, discussions, meetings, meeting with many people. a bit tired But tiredness brings good results. And there is good news about funding. But sometime in the middle of October, it will start to move, giving opportunities to have a way to make money. extra earnings or money waiting to receive good news gradually

Thank you Dr Chang Thosaporn Sritula

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