Doctors at Wimut Hospital invite you to know the “RSV virus”, a dangerous threat near the baby. flu-like illness Warn young children who are at risk of severe symptoms

The most popular diseases of the rainy season are colds and inevitable allergies. That can cause many people to worry because they are confused with the disease COVID-19. Although the current epidemic has begun to ease. But there is another virus that is harmful to the respiratory system. It is called removing the model of the covid virus. called the RSV virus.

The RSV virus, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a virus that can cause respiratory infections in children and adults. There are two types: strain A and strain B. It is transmitted through contact with the patient’s secretions such as mucus, saliva, or phlegm, through direct contact and through contact with things. Once infected, there is an incubation period of 4-6 days or up to 8 days. The symptoms of an infected person are similar to those of a common cold. For adults or older children, the symptoms will improve on their own, but the concern is in children under two. Or children and adults with congenital diseases ​​such as chronic lung, asthma, immunodeficiency, heart disease, etc. This virus can attack the lower respiratory tract in the bronchi, bronchi and lung tissue, causing pneumonia . When there is an infection in the lower respiratory tract, there may be a high fever. short of breath Wheezing and a lot of mucus

Dr Suthida Chintanate, a pediatrician specializing in pediatric respiratory diseases at Wimut Hospital further explained that “We found that RSV has an epidemic model similar to COVID-19. So much so that they almost always took off the same model. But what is more worrying is that the RSV virus in secretions can stay on objects for 30 minutes to an hour. Whether it’s on a table, a doorknob, a handrail, and touching your face with your hand, it’s very easy to get infected. “

The RSV virus is similar to other common colds for which there is no specific treatment. therefore it must be treated according to the symptoms If there is a cough, give cough medicine to dissolve phlegm. If there is mucus, give a nasal decongestant. In young children, more serious symptoms may require immediate medical attention. As children with a lot of phlegm you may need a bronchodilator or saline spray to dissolve the mucus. If it’s a very young child until they can’t cough to expel phlegm on their own You may also need to use a mucus and phlegm suction device. to clear the airway to clear

“At first glance, the RSV virus is not much different from the common cold. But there may be a lot of mucus or secretions that can block the airway. But another concern about this disease is If it occurs in young children and develops a lower respiratory tract infection, the RSV virus can cause ‘sores’, for example, a child who is already infected can develop a condition known as bronchospasm pediatric. The trachea is more sensitive than usual. When they are infected again in the future, they may wheeze or need to use bronchodilators again and again, and as the child grows up, they may develop asthma,” said Dr Suthida Chintanate.

Although the RSV virus looks worrisome But the measures we take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 It also works well for this RSV virus as well. avoid touching things outside the house unnecessarily Maintain distance or isolation from people with cold-like symptoms to clean frequently used surfaces. in order not to become a source of infection. These are still guidelines that we must continue to focus on. Then we will all be safe from the RSV virus just as we can get through the serious coronavirus crisis. Those interested in the services of the Pediatric Center For more information, contact the Pediatric Centre, 3rd floor, Wimut Hospital between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Call 02-079-0038 or use the Telemedicine service to consult a doctor online through the ViMUT Application, click https://

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