Doctors discover tooth stuck in little girl’s nose four years after the accident

Doctors removed a tooth from a child who had emerged in his nose after falling four years earlier.

The problem was only discovered when the six-year-old patient from Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, was brought to various hospitals in recent weeks after complaining of discomfort in her nose and difficulty breathing.

Doctor Qin Xiaowen, ENT of Xi’an Third People’s Hospital, then discovered that what should have been a front tooth had pierced the skin and emerged inside his left nostril.

Dr. Qin said, “There was a solid object in his nasal cavity. A scanner confirmed that it was a 2 cm tooth.

“Family members said the child tripped and fell when she was two years old. She lost one of her teeth, but they never found it and thought it had fallen somewhere.

“It was until she spoke to them of discomfort in the nose.

The tooth growing in the girl's left nostril.
The tooth growing in the girl’s left nostril. Credit: AsiaWire

“The impact of the fall pushed the tooth from his oral cavity into his nasal cavity. Only the root of his tooth was visible in his nostril. The rest was under his skin. “

The girl underwent surgery to completely remove the tooth on June 22.

It is expected to fully recover.

Wang Yanhui, head of the hospital’s ear, nose and throat department, called the case “extremely rare”.

A scan showing the tooth growing in the girl's left nostril.
A scan showing the tooth growing in the girl’s left nostril. Credit: AsiaWire

A British dentist contacted by Asia Wire said, “It is possible for a tooth to enter the nasal space or maxillary sinus if the trauma is severe. But this will not continue to grow.

“If it continued to grow, it was probably the adult tooth. When you have an injury to a (primary) baby tooth, it can have an effect on the development of the adult tooth.

“The effect depends on the age of the trauma.”

Showed the pictures, he said, “It looks like something called shredding. Essentially, the direction of the trauma caused a change in the direction of development of the adult tooth, so it is developed from the nasal cavity. “

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