‘Does a breakup come back?’ Choi Yoo-jung, “I can wait for my love in the military” surprising confession

Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jung gave an honest and non-stop response.

On the October 3rd broadcast of the KBS2 program ‘Is the separation also a memory?’, two women who were remembered appeared and revealed their stories under the theme ‘Nevertheless’.

The first woman recalled recalled the breakup with X, who had been dating for 3 years and broke up 3 years ago. Food and hobbies fit so well, so we didn’t have a big fight during the dating phase, but that little fight proved fatal for the woman who was called back. That is, X did a ‘cyber-dating’ like chatting randomly with a certain woman. The woman who remembered believed X’s words, “We chatted but didn’t meet.”

However, X carried out another cyber affair, and said goodbye to the woman who was called back first after much consideration. X accepted the breakup very easily too. The woman who recalled the reason for the separation told X, “Even when I met other people, I kept thinking about it, and there was no one who suited me as well as X.” He also said that if he succeeded in reuniting with X, he would bury the two cyber issues as X’s curiosity.

Recalling the woman’s words, Seong Yuri said, “There’s no such thing as doing it twice out of curiosity. I did that several times, but I got caught twice.” He threw a fastball, and other retrieval planners were hoping that the separation retrieval would fail this time. X did not appear at the recall table. He also rejected a video letter to the woman that was recalled. The woman who remembers, who completely cleared her mind for X, said, “It’s easy. In the future, I want to make a boyfriend who cares and takes care of each other.”

The second woman who remembered remembered breaking up with her 22-year-old X, who had been separated for just over a month. Recall that a woman and X were a couple who matched the conversation code so well that they did not stop talking for several hours, and were surprisingly well connected in many aspects, such as thoughts and values. The retrieved woman was strong enough to overcome her trauma when she was with X, and she even thought she wanted to be with X for the rest of her life.

However, as the recalled woman prepared for the Miss Korea pageant, the relationship between the two began to fall apart. X worried about the female retriever, who could not communicate well because of the preparations for the tournament, and the female retriever became sensitive to even a single word and the battle was repeated. The two broke up after frequent fights. Since it wasn’t because they didn’t like each other, the woman called back said she really regretted breaking up with X.

A message reached the retrieval woman waiting for X at the retrieval table. X surprised everyone by telling the woman who was called back, “Thank you for being brave,” and said he was currently in the army. X joined the army with a hard heart after breaking up with the woman who was called back.

The woman recalled a phone call with X in the army. The recalling woman apologized to X first, and X also apologized for his shortcomings. Then the woman who was called back said, “Shall we meet again?” X said, “I don’t know if this is a dream or not. I also want to meet again.” He accepted the fact that the recalled woman was a farewell, and the photo of the recalled woman who met X, who was on vacation, was released, making the viewers even feel good .

Although everyone was surprised at the first situation in ‘Will the breakup be a memory?’, Choi Yoo-jung was immersed in the story while shedding tears. Choi Yoo-jung said, “I’m the kind of person who can empathize well. Many people around me also went to the army (I sympathized),” he said. Yang Se-hyeong asked Choi Yoo-jung, “What would you do in a situation like the retrieval woman?” Choi Yoo-jung said, “If you really love, the army can stay. What is that?” He gave a cool answer.

In addition, on this day, Choi Yoo-jung showed a ‘steamed reaction’ that was not found with an excuse, such as getting angry enough to blush or even punch in the air while listening to the woman’s story called back who broke up with X’s ‘cyber affair’. From the point of view of the woman called back, Choi Yoo-jung was more deeply immersed in the story and sympathized with her than anyone else, and the words which came out of her making the viewers feel cool.

A love reality show that shows the most realistic love, the division, and the reunion between a man and a woman that evokes memories, which are sincerely and desperately needed. It is broadcast every Monday at 8:30pm.

Reporter Eun-hye Hong ([email protected]), Internet Electronic Newspaper

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