Donald Trump on Melania: “He could have another at any time” – disclosure book with scandalous details

US Election Campaign Disclosure Book: Former Lawyer Unpacks Marriage Details – And Donald Trump Says Of His Wife Melania: “I Could Have Someone Else Anytime”

  • Michael Cohen, the former attorney for Donald Trump*, changed from Presidents of the United States turned.
  • In the middle of US election campaign 2020 * seems to be Disclosure book with the title: “Unfair“, Which means” unfaithful “,” unfaithful “.
  • In it he describes, among other things, the details of Donald’s married life and Melania Trump.

Washington DC – There is a lot of speculation about Donald and Melania Trump’s married life. Because different from its predecessors Barack and Michelle Obama the behavior of the two – at least in public – seems to be mostly not characterized by warmth and affection.

And there are always awkward moments, like recently after one Campaign speech* by Melania. While Donald Trump* after Melania’s speech wanted to thank him with a kiss on the mouth, his wife merely turned her cheek. The result was a crooked kiss in the air somewhere.

In the middle of Election campaign now another appears Disclosure book over Donald Trump – Only recently, spicy details about Trump’s assessment of Corona have become known through a book. The new insights were written by none other than Trumps former attorney Michael Cohen, who was considered a “cleaner” and confidant of Trump, but then turned his back on him. In 2018 he was sentenced to imprisonment, including for perjury in court. So it remains to be seen whether every word of his book should be put on the golden scale. At least pretend to be close trump knowing many intimate details of his life.

Donald and Melania Trump: details on the marriage of the First Lady of the United States

In the meantime it seems Melania Trump to have found its role – and it looks entirely like First lady in social networks:

Its start was more than bumpy: the start of Trump’s first term had, among other things, the dispute over the possible Trump deal Stormy Daniels embossed. When it comes to business, Cohen also wants a major role in The married life of triumphs they played: “I betrayed entrepreneurs for him, withdrew his business partners, his wife Melania he lied to hide his infidelities and bullied himself and yelled at anyone Trump’s way to the Power threatened. ”

Donald Trump on Melania: “I can always have another wife”

“In a way, I knew him better than his family because I witnessed the real man, in striptease clubs, at shady business meetings, and in those reckless moments when he revealed who he really was: a cheater, a liar, a cheat , a bad boy, a racist, a predator, a crook, “he writes Cohen in the preface to his Book on Trump.

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As the American magazine The Sun writes, it should trump according to Cohen but not particularly interested in this Melania remains by her side – even though he allegedly went out of his way to lie to her through a lawyer Cohen he is supposed to have said, “I can have another wife at any time. This is not a problem for me. If he wants to go, he should go. Michael Cohen spoke in an interview about a coup that Trump could use if he lost the election. Trump recently announced to Fox News that he wanted to have Syrian ruler Assad killed in 2017. Speaking of bushfires in the United States, a bestselling author completely dismantles a Trump thesis. (kat) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network of publishers throughout Germany.

In a camp in the United States, brutal and catastrophic conditions are said to prevail – there is even talk of forced sterilization.

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