Don’t put the envelope away for a while! Girl receives invitation to attend 21 weddings in half a month (with clip)

The story of a woman named Chi from Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. who have posted their own stories on the online world After she received an invitation to attend a wedding from her friends. Colleagues and classmates up to 21 jobs within half a month. until it became interesting to the netizens.

“The feeling in my heart is funny and oppressive.” Said the woman surnamed Chi.

by during China’s National Day which has a total of 7 holidays Just like friends of the female surname Chu. She had to walk to attend the wedding, which was an average of 3 events a day, a maximum of 5 events a day, and if the job was too far away, she had to decline.

And of course, in addition to running her busy preparing and traveling to attend the event. Putting money in wedding envelopes for friends also gave her a headache. Most of them will put in envelopes ranging from 300 – 800 yuan (about 1,500 – 4,000 baht), called a complete envelope for 21 jobs, the bag flat.

After the story was published, many netizens commented and shared their experiences. For example, “It’s the same … on October 3, I have to go to 5 events, starting at 6 am,”, “I’ve already gone 3 jobs this month, in an envelope of nothing less than 600 – 800 yuan (about 3,000 – 4,000 baht)”, “What a strong social skill,” “I envy you still keeping in touch with so many friends,” and “…little friends are not puts a lot of weight on things like that.”

Source: National Women’s Day received 21 wedding invitations, netizens: busier than newcomers (
OL received “21 wedding invitations” for half a month! Up to 5 sessions per day (ETtoday)

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