Doom Eternal composer will no longer work with id Software after the soundtrack has been mixed without it

Composer Mick Gordon, best known for his work on Doom in 2016 and the recent Doom Eternal, cast doubt on his future with the series following controversial changes to the mix of the Eternal soundtrack.

After the release of the OST – available in the collector’s edition of Doom Eternal – a number of fans and audiophiles turned to social networks to criticize its mix. Twitter user @thatACDCguy First noted the difference between the original BFG division of Doom 2016 and the BFG 2020 remix on the eternal soundtrack, comparing the differences in wavelengths between the versions. For those without a golden ear, this means that there is less dynamic range – the relationship between calm and loud – resulting in an overly condensed instrumentation sound.

“Mick Gordon is a much more talented audio engineer than I am, he’s not even close and that’s what makes it particularly frustrating,” read the tweet. “I expect much better from him. Again, the music itself is phenomenal, but this mix on the official soundtrack is frankly horrible. “

In response, Gordon revealed that he actually had little to do with the final release of the soundtrack. “I did not mix them and I would not have done it,” he said on Twitter. “You will be able to spot the small handful of songs that I have mixed (Meathook, Command and Control, etc…)”

A comment a few months ago reveals that Gordon was aware of the changes made before the release of the soundtrack. “Fun fact: all these stupid” time signature changes “are the result of someone who put this piece together without any musical knowledge,” wrote Gordon in a Youtube comment in February below on a cover of one of his songs.

Although it is unclear who has a say in the end result, Gordon told a fan that he is unlikely to rework the franchise.

I commented on it yesterday. I turned to announce the news here. It’s a dark day for our beloved franchise of Condemn

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