Drilling all the highlights of Thailand Game Show 2022 Big return waiting equation!

It’s almost here for “Thailand Game Show 2022: Come Back”, the biggest gaming event in Southeast Asia. Come back this time, more fully than before. Bringing together famous game camps, both in Thailand and abroad, with the launch of the first NFT series and many highlights that gamers should not miss.

come back in a big way A great stay equation in a new place, more than before.

For the event to return again in 2 years, change the location to be bigger than before Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre On an area of ​​more than 11,000 square meters, customers, partners and sponsors keep more than 70 booths in a full area, expecting to attract players. And there are more than 180,000 people interested in attending the event, an increase of about 30% from 2019, and the expected spread of 300 million baht.

• Tickets are sold through ZipEvent. One-day ticket is 150 baht and one-day admission is ready to receive a “Thailand Game Show 2022” T-Shirt for 500 baht. For fans of the game who enter the event on a first-come, first-served basis. the event to receive a free alcohol spray. And the organizers are also considering everyone’s safety in the COVID-19 situation, reducing exposure this year and creating QR Code entry tickets for everyone’s safety as well.

• Cosplay Like every last year, this year’s Thailand Game Show 2022 is still open for cosplay creators to visit the event for free throughout the 3-day event and win the Cosplay Contest in the final round with a total prize pool of more than 300,000 baht. !

Pick up the fun parade of first class gaming camps, both in Thailand and abroad.
This year’s TGS has been accepted by more than 50 well-known game camps and companies, with game camps accounting for about 70%, including game camps in Thailand and abroad, such as SEGA, Bundai Namco Entertainment Asia, Tencent, Riot Games , HoYoverse , etc., as well as NFT games such as Terosoft and GuildFi were accepted for the first time.

Experience the new game before anyone else. Launching new games from different camps
• SEGA The big game camp from Japan came to this event for the first time. Players are preparing to meet lightning hedgehog One of the most memorable gaming characters of all time. with full special activities

• Infinite Level A new brand that will serve as a service to bring high-end games to game fans from all over the world from Tencent. Fantasy Tower a NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Both games will be available in global servers soon.

• Honkai Star Rail new game of HoYoVerse As well as launching the game to try before anyone else. There are also many activities including live performances by artists on stage including activities within the booth including game competitions, photo zones, and special souvenir sales

• Warrior of Gods A battle strategy mobile game where players take on the role of a god. Build your own kingdom and armies to join the holy war. After Soft Launch was well received, it has received a good response. By bringing the game to try to play in the event with many rewarding activities

• GambitGhost New game camp, Thai nationality Pick up a new game as “Oversiders” Action RPG hack and slash style that comes in a sci-fi theme mixed with a fantasy feel.Preparing to open for viewing.Exclusive trailer ready to open for trial before anyone else. And there are also fun activities to win the world’s first female model Cassandra or Cassie figure.

• TEROSOFT The NFT game camp is open for trials before anyone else has the game. “HamHam Survival” where players have adventures in the world of hamsters There will also be a closed HamHam E-Sports Tournament final. With the idols under 15G-WIN and see the work from the game development and design competition from the project “The Game maker”

• The Collectors The latest mobile game From the stage of the game design and development competition “SDGs Game Fest” organized by Nod Charoen Pokphand Group, together with True Digital Plus Company Limited, is for games to be a medium that will help embed content and understand the Goals Sustainable Development, helping the new generation to be aware of environmental problems. Get ready to bring the game to try it out at the event for the first time.

• OFFICE LAND PARTY The mobile game that builds on from OfficeLand, the NFT game that used to be famous, has a large number of players. The game will allow players to take on the role of an executive officer (Boss) to expand the business. And he must manage work in accordance with various projects, including managing employees to be suitable for jobs within the organization. The game will reveal the interface and gameplay for the first time at the event with activities for participants to enjoy. Win lots of prizes

Bringing together a wide range of world-class esports events in one place.
• “FIFA ONLINE 4 WD_BLACK MASTER SERIES” Finals Win prizes worth more than 100,000 baht and find lots of activities throughout the event. Join the event and get instant rewards from FIFA ONLINE 4 and WD_BLACK Let me tell you, this event offers giveaways at all times of the day.

• ESL World-class esports tournament organizers are raising the bar for competition. “ROG MASTERS APAC 2022” A Rainbow Six Siege game around the APAC Grand Finals that brings together teams from across Asia-Pacific. Win total prize money of over $40,000 for fans to cheer on the sidelines.

• Intel Meet the League of Legends finals in the list. “Rising Star Tournament presented by Intel” Enjoy great music in a mini-concert from Atlas. Train your cosplayers for Cosplay Contest and Walk-In Tournament in Teamfight Tactics Win exclusive prizes only at the event.

• Huawei Invite you to join the party with Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) and guild members at the HUAWEI AppGallery booth with full performances, live bands, in-game activities. and raffle Ready to watch the tournament of the year

• Zean Zone Game The hunters are preparing to meet the competition. “Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak : Team Speed ​​Run Contest” Win prizes worth more than 100,000 baht by competing in a team of 2 players. Defeat the most brutal monsters in Arena Quest mode. Let the game determine weapons and armor. This event is completely player crafted, whichever team is fastest is the winner.

Hit the shoulders of famous players and streamers.
• Twitch Fan Meeting 2022 Activities that Twitch Thailand has organized hard to rub shoulders, take pictures and ask for autographs from their favorite Twitch streamers up close. With many things to give away, such as t-shirts, twitch backpacks, very soft blankets, jewels, cloth bags, etc.

• TERRORIST GAMES Get ready to meet League of Legends: Wild Rift and VALORANT influencers like ViperDemon, SuperBuss, Elizent, and Whatthejesss, who will perform live on stage and enjoy special events prepared for RIOT fans. GAMES specifically

• Online Meet and Greet Station Meet Casters and Streamers from the online station, led by Pang zbing z. and much more.

Great pro gaming gear Great value shopping in one event

• Nadz x Lazada Find specially priced products that come with game consoles. including game disc and game tools that raise more than 1,000 products and still get up to 80% off with activities on stage to win prizes and many more prizes

• Logitec Bring new products to launch at the first event with the Aurora Collection set, the beautiful northern lights set. The latest G502 X mouse and racetrack comes with a new drive pack, the G923, which is open for full test drives.

• PREDATOR A gaming gear brand recognized by gamers and racers worldwide. Prepare to carry items for sale with special promotions. Just for this work

• HyperX quality products from The standards that eSports athletes choose to use are prepared with special promotions as well.

“WE ARE BACK” the theme song of the 2022 Thailand Game Show

For the theme song of this year’s Thailand Game Show, “Tik Chiro” and “Pek of Zeal” created the song “WE BACK”, which comes in the style of Stadium Songs, which gives a feeling of excitement, grandeur, full of energy. Through the sound of new artists from the label LOMABin (Dolphin Bin), a new record label under the auspices of Tik Shirou and Peck, which sends representatives to a new generation of artists such as SIT MIRROR, NOTNICE, CAKESUNZ, FOCUS and KREEM. And they also have talented musicians like Boerm from the band 60 Miles and Pete Petabear as a producer on the background of the song as well. (Listen to the song here)

“Evolution of Gamers” NFT Exclusive Art Collection

• First time working together during a major game event. Thailand Game Show a THE DUANG – Weerachai Duangpla A world-famous Thai cartoonist artist, the owner of NFT Art, created the “Gangster All-Star” collection which has created many interesting phenomena in the NFT industry, such as the latest collection. Use the new auction method to bid. The number of bidders is as high as 2,936, with a total of 4,803 auctions, and the highest bid is 80 ETH or about 4.4 million baht (as of September 5, 2022), making the works in the collection 4 Gangster All- Collections star worth more than 100 million baht.

• For collections “Evolution of Gamers” Y Duang’s latest work in the project. Thailand Game Show 1st NFT Collection (Special Edition) The theme “Memory of Gamers” tells the story of evolution. The journey of the gaming industry From the past to the present, there are only 2,022 pieces, with 22 pieces being Special Super Rare which are special from being loved by children in gamers and people of different ages such as “Na Nek- Ketsepsawat Palakawong Na Ayutthaya” Come and join us to add the ultimate expertise by dressing up a character. and his own voice into the 22 works, each with his own words, making it the only unique NFT in the world.

• The “Evolution of Gamers” collection will be available through Online Station NFT Market which has partners such as Ascend Bit under the Ascend Group, a company that seeks to drive innovation. and support the application of blockchain technology in various fields for companies in the Charoen Pokphand A group also with blockchain experts from many countries. to strive for new useful innovations make a difference high security And easy to access Let’s create a Unique Dropsite on the Ethereum Chain for an Online Station. It will be on sale on Friday, October 21 at 10:00 AM onwards at a price of 0.05 ETH only.

“Thailand Game Show 2022: Come Back” will be held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Between 21 – 23 October, tickets can be purchased at ZipEvent. https://www.thailandgameshow.com/ and the Thailand Game Show fan page

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