drug appears to improve survival for the first time

It was one of the treatments tested in the British Recovery trial, it appears that it is the only one that has a beneficial effect on mortality. In this study, dexamethasone was administered to more than 2,000 patients, their clinical course was then compared to 4,300 others who had not received it.

The results are encouraging: mortality in the most affected patients, those who have been intubated, has decreased by a third.

In patients less affected, but who still required oxygen, the benefit is still present even if it is less clear: mortality has this time decreased by a fifth.

On the other hand, for the less serious forms, the administration of dexamethasone did not change anything. That said, with this first effective treatment for Covid-19, these results open a door that has remained closed until today.

They are however preliminary, that did not prevent the British government from announcing immediately the widespread use of dexamethasone to treat the most serious cases of Covid-19.

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