Due to the heat, slippery spots form on certain sections of public roads

Due to the heat, slippery spots are formed in some sections of state roads, which can be slippery, Juris Aksels Cīrulis, the representative of the maintainer of SJSC “Latvijas autoceļu” (LAU), informed LETA.

The LAU monitors the situation on public roads and treats slippery areas, spreading them evenly with sand or small crushed stone, thus improving road safety. If necessary, the work is repeated.

The slippery sites have been formed on the following road sections: Riga-Sigulda-Estonian border (Veclaicene) in sections from 78 to 86 kilometers and from 176 to 177 kilometers, Riga-Daugavpils-Kraslava-Belarusian border (Patarnieki) in sections from 51.6 to 52, 4 kilometers, in Inčukalns-Ropaži-Ikšķile section from 6.6 to 19.9 kilometers and from 26 to 34 kilometers.

Spotting sites were also observed on the Garkalne-Alauksts road from 11.4 to 19.1 kilometers, Augšlīgatne-Skriveri from 41.9 to 42.6 kilometers, Sinole-Silakrogs from 23.1 to 41.5 kilometers, Riga-Ērgļi from 15.9 to 27.7 kilometers and 49.7 to 50.9 kilometers, Alūksne-Zaiceva from 2.7 to 4 kilometers, as well as the road Alūksne-Liepna from 10.3 to 11.5 kilometers.

Sweats were also detected on the Litene-Alūksne motorway section up to 23 kilometers, Ilūkste (Virsaiši) -Bebrene-Birži section from 65.2 to 71.2 km, Jēkabpils-Lithuanian border (Nereta) section from 16 to 30.4 km, Inciems-Sigulda -Kegums in sections from 48 to 49.4 kilometers and from 32.6 to 33.8 kilometers.

Attention should also be paid to roads such as Riga HPP-Jaunjelgava, Ķekava-Skaistkalne, Riga HPP-Pulkarne, Mežvidi-Baldone, Iecava-Stelpe, Saldus-Kūdras, Vāne-Saldus, Riga border-Silnieki-Puķulejas, Kolberģis-Ponkuļi, Dāvidi-Zaumui Bajārkrogs, Baloži-Plakanciems-Iecava, Ropaži-Griķukrogs, Dobele-Īle-Auce, Cēsis-Vecpiebalga-Madona, Pļaviņas (Gostiņi) -Madona-Gulbene and Madona-Varakļāni.

Sweating can form on those road sections where the surface has been treated and where the pits are repaired with bitumen emulsion and crushed stone. LAU encourages drivers to be careful and choose the speed appropriate for the road conditions.

We remind you that road maintenance works can be followed online in the website of SJSC “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” (www.lvceli.lv), as well as in the application “Waze”, where it is also possible to inform about the condition of state roads. We also invite you to inform the Traffic Information Center of SJSC “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” about the places of traffic on the state highways by calling the free toll-free number 8000 5555.

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