EA has developed a “Plants vs Zombies” game with story- Game- EA

According to IGN, EA has developed an ambitious action-adventure game “Plants vs Zombies” that is driven by a story, codenamed “Hot Tub.” But it was canceled in late 2016, when EA transferred development resources to Visceral Games to develop the Star Wars game, which was also later cancelled.

IGN broke the details of the news:

The story-filled Plants vs. Zombies game is said to take the series in a different direction, with a name reminiscent of the 2010 film “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

is an action-adventure game with the “open corridors” of Uncharted, the combat of Batman: Arkham Knight, and the family-friendly feel of Ratchet and Clank

The main characters are teenage siblings who are thrown back in time in a zombie-filled experiment, teaming up with familiar plants from the Plants vs Zombies series to battle zombie enemies across several historical eras

The project is a major step forward for a franchise that was previously limited to tower defense and third-person shooters, and has the potential to expand into new strengths for publisher EA, which has been lacking very in family friendly single player adventures.

It was originally intended to be released at the end of 2017

It wasn’t canceled because the project went wrong, in fact the game didn’t encounter any major budget issues, deadlines, and project size. Yes but because EA dumped resources on the Star Wars Visceral game, which got it was canceled shortly after

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