EA – No support for Xbox Series X Smart Delivery

Xbox Series X is to offer free next-gen updates for games with Smart Delivery. EA does not follow and goes its own way.

No smart delivery for EA Games

At the last investors’ meeting it sounded like thisas if Electronic Arts were on board with free updates for his titles on the Xbox Series X. Titles, bought on Xbox One, should be upgraded to Series X versions at any time with Smart Delivery free of charge.

In the Xbox presentation a few days ago, Microsoft also made it clear that the titles shown would support this feature. During the launch of the new Madden, there was a verbal announcement for a free upgrade, but the fine print had been left out.

It was striking that the Smart Delivery logo was not shown during the Madden part. In a press release, the publisher then explained what it was all about. In short, you won’t get Smart Delivery.

Rather, you must buy Madden on Xbox One before December 31, 2020, and you can then get a free upgrade until March 31, 2021. Outside of these periods you were unlucky and have to buy the next gen version.

This case also shows that, as previously announced, it is up to each publisher or developer whether they want to offer smart delivery. Models like Madden’s or even paid upgrades will probably be available again this time.


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